Atalaya, Peru


World MAP belongs to God, not to any person(s). Therefore, the Board of Directors and the Ministry Director will be faithful stewards of both the opportunities God gives for ministry and the resources He releases through His people to carry out that ministry. What follows are the key policies and guidelines that shape and guide our ministry stewardship:

Organizational Structure

World MAP is a non-profit ministry, overseen by an independent, voluntary Board of Directors, whose primary role is to protect and defend the moral and financial integrity of the organization.

The Board of Directors meets at least once annually to establish policy, govern affairs, establish staff compensations, and approve program budgets. World MAP’s ministry director ensures that all directives of the Board are implemented.

Every quarter, the Board receives a detailed financial report prepared by an independent accounting firm.

Financial Practices

Each donation is a sacred trust. All donations to World MAP are used solely for supporting the ministry; those gifts that are designated for a specific ministry purpose are used 100% for that ministry purpose.

We promptly receipt all donations at the time of the gift.

We do not sell, loan, rent or distribute the mailing list of our friends and supporters. We use the most secure protections available for all of World MAP’s data and activities.

World MAP gives a tithe of all undesignated income to other like-focused ministries.

World MAP does not operate on borrowed funds for ministry purposes. We trust the Lord to confirm His leading by making provision in advance of ministry programs.

World MAP pays its bills on time – both as a moral obligation and because the witness of Christ is seen (or not) in everything we do as a Christian ministry.

World MAP’s accounting is done by an independent professional Christian accounting firm.

Regarding Fundraising

  • It is both spiritual and scriptural to let your requests be made known to God and to cast the vision before His people, so that God’s people can respond as He prompts them (see Acts 11:27-30; Rom 15:26,27; 1Cor 16:1-4; 2Cor 8:1-12, 9:5-15; etc.).
  • Because we respect you, we will accurately communicate the need and the urgency, trusting the Holy Spirit to stir the hearts of those He would lead to support World MAP’s ministry.
  • We will maximize the benefit of every dollar given.
  • World MAP will never knowingly receive support or other resources that should be directed to a church or another ministry endeavor.

Wendy and I are grateful that early on in our tenure at World MAP, the Lord directed us to “prune” the ministry and led us in creative ways to consolidate, economize and outsource – reducing World MAP’s annual operating expenses by more than 50%.

We believe that the Lord has helped us to balance faith for expanding need and vision with wisdom to fulfill the call within the bounds of what He is providing. Also, in faith, we believe the Lord has well positioned the ministry for healthy growth and expansion into the future as He leads and provides.

We trust that this brief overview of the stewardship guidelines for World MAP’s ministry will be an encouragement to you. We do not take lightly the favor God has given, or the trust you have in us.

– Dr. Frank and Wendy Parrish
World MAP Executive Directors