Lahore, Pakistan

Our Purpose

In developing nations, three primary challenges prevent church leaders from getting ministry tools or training:

  • Extreme Poverty
  • Violent Persecution
  • Lack of Proximity

Most leaders know enough to share the Gospel with someone, but what then? They want to know: How do I teach others about God or what it means to follow Christ? What does every new Christian need to know? How do I pray, hear from God, study the Bible or prepare sermons? How do I share the Gospel with others and train more church leaders to serve them?

Though living in desperate conditions – most earn $20 a month – these frontline pastors have one primary request: “Can you help us know what to do and teach, so that we can be good leaders in our church and community?”

World MAP’s 50-year focus on providing leadership training in developing nations has given rise to quality Bible-based, Spirit-filled tools – which in turn produces fruitful pastors.

It’s in the Bible!
Matt 9:37,38; 28:18-20; Mark 16:15-18; Luke 24:46-49; John 4:34,35; Acts 20:17-28; Eph 4:11,12; Col 1:24-29; 2 Tim 2:2