Because You Asked

World MAP often receives questions from pastors or readers. When multiple inquiries come in about a key topic, Dr. Parrish replies and we archive the informative responses for future inquiries. This is another in that series.

Manifestations of the Spirit

We all hear of different manifestations happening in churches all over the world. The following will help guide you to know if the manifestations are from the Holy Spirit?

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Anointing Oil

The oil used for anointing is of no special variety. God can, and does, use a variety of ways to do His miraculous works. But the power is His, not in the object or method used. Attributing power to the oil is a form of “animism” (ascribing spiritual power to objects or rituals), which reflects the practices of witchdoctors, shamans, and other demon-based religions. Animism is not from God, nor is it what the Bible teaches.

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