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The region is vast, the need is great, and World MAP is devoting four years to equipping as many pastors as possible in West Africa —  and Phase 1 is now complete!   


Originally, “Saturate Phase 1” included seminars in Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Mali. However, terrorist activity prior to the events forced the eight seminars into just Cote d’Ivoire. This nation has endured armed conflict, economic oppression, government coups and civil war. Islam has a heavy influence, and there is active animism and occultism, including human sacrifice – more than 100 people in the city of Abidjan in the last year!

I could feel the oppression the moment I stepped off the plane. The opposition in the spiritual realm was palpable and could be seen in people’s faces. Many pastors were discouraged and felt hopeless. Warfare in the Spirit was a necessity.



There were 2,000+ pastors at the first two seminars in Abidjan. We saw great breakthrough and joy being restored. When spiritually hungry pastors meet the Word and work of the Spirit, great things happen! The pastors testified to receiving “the word of the Lord” they needed in this hour.TravelJournal_2

But unfortunately, near the end of the second seminar, our key coordinator, Dr. Fred Davis, was called back to the U.S. due to a family crisis. I was now the only speaker for the remaining seminars. TravelJournal_3

Then I suddenly came down with debilitating fever and chills and, though taking preventative medicine, had contracted malaria and another medical issue. I was prescribed treatments and complete bed rest for at least two weeks to avoid long-term complications. TravelJournal_4


I sent word back home, and a group of local intercessors gathered to pray. After an hour, the Holy Spirit said to Wendy, “I have an exit strategy.” This was so unusual that she laughed out loud, but left the meeting with a sense that God was in control.

However, the phrase would not leave her mind. So she looked it up and found it was a military term that includes, “leaving a current situation after a predetermined objective has been achieved; to peg a withdrawal to the achievement of an objective worth more than the cost of continued involvement; to minimize losses of ‘blood and treasure’.”

…to minimize losses of blood and treasure’.”

By then, I had completed a third seminar in Abengourou and was so weak that, for the first time in my life, I had to sit on a stool to finish a teaching. I made it back to my room and collapsed from exhaustion. Five more seminars, four sessions a day – Lord, what would you have us do?TravelJournal_5


I did not want to withdraw from West Africa early. What about the remaining seminars, the investment of time and resource, and the many pastors who awaited our arrival?TravelJournal_6

Thankfully, God is an absolute master at orchestrating even the most challenging circumstances for good. He not only gave us a strategy, but used this situation to birth the release of an even greater vision.

A guiding scripture for us is 2Timothy 2:2“And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” There were several very capable national pastors who had helped coordinate the events. They had attended the first three seminars and heard the teachings. So I gathered them together, gave them my teaching notes, prayed over them and charged them to continue the itinerary and carry out the seminars in Cote d’Ivoire.TravelJournal_7

I am thrilled to report that they accomplished this with great diligence. The final seminars in Saturate West Africa Phase 1 were effective and fruitful! And more than 10,000 Shepherd’s Staffs have been put into the hands of pastors. A “predetermined objective” was realized, with minimal losses. Hallelujah!

This situation has also launched an expanded training strategy for World MAP. At every seminar, the team will meet with a small group of recommended, proven leaders for additional training, prayer and ministry. They will be given a notebook of current World MAP teachings, and enfranchised to gather leaders in their areas and impart to them what they have received – as World MAP Trainers of Trainers!TravelJournal_8


TravelJournal_9In the fall of 2016, I will continue the Saturate West Africa campaign in Ivory Coast, Benin and Niger. There is much warfare needed in the spirit to regain lost territory and gain new ground for God’s Kingdom. So please enlist in the World MAP Prayer Corps – an army “fighting on our knees” for the nations. Sign up HERE; we need you!