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Luke 18:1

2017 November Prayer Corps

Key prayer points …

  • WORLD MAP – A good report!
  • VIETNAM – New laws loose persecution
  • VENEZUELA – Crisis unfolding

Then He spoke a parable to them that men always ought to pray and not lose heart” (Lk 18:1).

When we consider our call to a life of service to our Lord, there are many good, even noble, parameters of that service. In this parable, Jesus lays out a number of principles regarding God’s character, the power of persistence, the need for faith, etc. But all of those good things are predicated upon one divine value the preeminence of prayer in the life of every child of God.

The Bible reminds us, “men always ought to pray – not fret, toil, sweat or be overly busy for God. Even the disciples, who could have asked for many things, realized the importance of asking Jesus, “teach us to pray” (Luke 11:1).

In prayer, we touch the heart of God and He aligns our hearts with His. In prayer, we come to know Him and to realize His perfect will in any given situation. In prayer, we hear His voice and experience His transforming power. In prayer, the hand of God – His sovereign power and majestic works – are loosed upon our broken world.

So this month, let us prayer fervently, persistently, boldly and with great faith!


Dr. Frank has returned from his October trip to Africa where he was conducting Phase 4 of Saturate West Africa. Thank you for praying for him and for the seminars!

The ever-widening circle of World MAP’s outreach to pastors has meant going to places further out – where much less of God’s Word has been sown over the decades. Added to that is the weight of extreme poverty, Islamic oppression, witchcraft and demonic practices. Thus, the spiritual ground is harder and drier, and especially difficult to “plow” when teaching the Word.

The challenges of plowing hard ground combined with the intense heat made for grueling and exhausting conditions. Some of Dr. Frank’s comments: “Strong day but felt like I had to fight for every inch!”; “The ground was tough, but once we broke through, they drank spiritually like a lost man finding an unexpected life giving oasis”. So, it was well worth the effort because of the breakthroughs God gave in each location!

We have said it before: God responds to hunger for Him! The pastors’ extreme hunger and great desire to receive all that God had for them made them quick to respond to the Word, and also gave place for the Holy Spirit to break in and move in their midst. The Word was eagerly received, the ministry was extremely fruitful, and the transformation in the spiritual realm was tangible. Thank you, Father!

Just a few of the comments from the pastors: “gone to other pastors seminars but they were nothing like this!”; “World MAP must come back!“; “we need this desperately! “the Church will never be the same, and we will never be what we were” and more!

Your prayers were vital and made all the difference at these seminars. Please keep the precious pastors of Guinea, Burkina Faso and Niger in your prayers. God has begun a good work; pray that it is completed in them and through them!

Please pray for:

  • The Word to remain deeply planted in rich soil and to bear much fruit.
  • Encouragement and strength for the pastors to glean the harvest and make disciples.
  • Fresh, daily fillings of God’s Spirit and reminders of His presence – He is for them and with them!
  • Divine safety and a shield of Jesus’ blood for each pastor and church represented.
  • God to be glorified, Jesus to be proclaimed, pastors to be encouraged and inspired, and the church in these nations to be strengthened and revived!



Recent laws passed by the Vietnamese government will be used to crack down on the growth and spread of the Gospel. Persecution, isolation and constant governmental monitoring are regular facets of life for Vietnamese Christians.

Please pray for:

  • Believers to be strong and bold in their faith.
  • Creative, Spirit-led strategies to help in sharing the Gospel.
  • Favor (and protection) within the legal/government processes.
  • A loosening of restrictions and abuses by local governments in persecuting Christians.


For several years, this nation now under authoritarian regime has been sinking into economic and social chaos. Speaking out against the dictatorship ends in persecution or prison. Most people in this once-prosperous country cannot obtain food, medicine or other simple survival necessities as the rich resources of the country are squandered and mismanaged.

The Church has also been hard hit, as no foreign aid is allowed to reach the churches. Believers are doing all they can to preach the Gospel and also minister to people’s desperate needs.

Please pray for:

  • Governmental reform that will release much-needed aid to the people.
  • Miraculous provision for the Church to minister to the needy and unsaved.
  • Christians to have boldness in presenting the Gospel through acts of service and kindness to others.
  • Governmental agencies, world health groups, etc., to put pressure on the Venezuelan government to make sincere and lasting reforms.


There is no higher privilege given to us – other than our salvation – than to join with our King through prayer. So let us come boldly to His throne of grace in these days and cry out with hearts filled with faith, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven!”

His Kingdom come,
Dr. Frank and Wendy Parrish
World MAP Executive Directors

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