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A last-minute change of venue was truly led of the Holy Spirit, bringing to mind Paul’s change of direction (see Acts 16:6-10). Sikasso is remote, and few ministries go there. Three of us squeezed into the back seat of a small pickup for 7 hours, bouncing and jolting along dry and dusty roads. But the fruit was well worth the journey!

Most of the pastors had never experienced a seminar. They were open, hungry and so very grateful to receive all that we brought to them. They needed encouragement, fresh vision and a renewed commitment to the cause of Christ. And boy, did they want The Shepherd’s Staff!

As you know, God always responds to hunger for Him – and there was such a strong response to the teaching of the Word and the moving of the Holy Spirit in our midst. What a wonderful, blessed time – with great fruit ahead as these beloved leaders use and apply what they’ve received!

The Holy Spirit was strong in our midst during a prayer time of commitment to be Kingdom leaders. Many pastors kneeled and even laid prostrate before the Lord. It was a powerful time of filling, releasing, renewing and fresh anointing, concluding with a great sense of victory along with explosive praise and thanksgiving to God – hallelujah!

A key pastor in the city then came forward to repent for not working together with other pastors and for not being a Kingdom pastor. He confessed to the entire conference body and knelt to be prayed for. I knelt with him as the church leaders prayed for him. He then publically committed to be a Kingdom leader, even naming specific projects and places that he would help with.

Behold, how good and pleasant it is for brethren to live in unity – and to have the resultant anointing and blessing of God’s Spirit among them! (See Psalm 133.)

Our contact, Bishop Gake, has been in ministry 25 years. He is a respected leader and influential pastor. He said, “This seminar has been unlike anything that has ever come to Togo. I believe what was taught on the Kingdom and work of the Holy Spirit will have great impact and change in the Church of Togo. There will be long-term fruit from this.”

Pastors also commented to me that these teachings are what is needed right now. Pastors from many different groups were already gathering to discuss the teachings and how to implement them in ministry and in their relationships with each other.

These are just a few highlights from Phase 3 of SATURATE West Africa in early 2017. I continued on to conduct 3 more World MAP seminars in Togo, and two more World MAP seminars in Benin.

Your prayers and support are what make this all possible. Phase 4 begins in October of 2017. From the pastors of West Africa – thank you for giving!

By Dr. Frank Parrish