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During Dr. Frank’s  Uganda Seminar in January 2016, he would send updates whenever possible* about what he was encountering and all that God was doing in the lives of the pastors at the seminars.  These are the UPDATES that were posted on our Facebook page.  

*Please note that due to limited internet connection, Dr. Frank was not able to send updates every day.  That is why there are date “gaps” in the following posts. 


IT BEGINS - January 11th, 2016

Kitgum, Uganda – Day 1 of 3 

“About 600 pastors from all over the province showed up…”

The first seminar that took place in Kitgum, Uganda was a huge success! About 600 pastors from all over the province showed up to be part of this seminar. Many travelled by foot and “bota bota” (motorcycle). Despite the heat and humidity (no fans or A/C), the pastors were very hungry for the word and the Spirit. The organizers said there has never been something like this seminar and the teaching was incredible!

On to the next location in Gulu, Uganda…

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THRONES, CROSSROADS & VICTORY! - January 14th, 2016

Gulu, Uganda – Day 1 of 3

“Worship literally cleared the haze in the room…”

Most significant at this seminar was the unplanned yet prophetic and powerful moments as the Spirit led in ministry. Upon arrival in Gulu, Lyle and I both felt we should fast and pray, as we felt demonic resistance and a sense of oppression over the entire city. We had a great prayer time and the Lord impressed me that the church in Gulu was at a serious crossroads. The phrase that kept going through my mind was from Joel 3:14, “multitudes in the valley of decision”. Lyle strongly agreed.

We went to the seminar site and the church was packed with about 450 attendees. There was some worship (loud, but very little participation from the pastors and leaders) followed by announcements, etc. Then the meeting was turned over to me. The oppressiveness and heaviness was palpable. In fact the air inside the church seemed hazy, almost fuzzy or blurry.

The Lord quickened Psalm 22:3 to my mind very clearly. So I briefly explained what ‘thrones’ represented in Scripture (simply: power, authority, blessing; or in some cases cursing or evil as in the case of the demonic). Then I told the pastors that they would determine which throne would rule in the building, in the event, in their churches and their city by what they choose and how they respond. I made a call to enter in to strong aggressive worship and praise to the Lord. I did not have to work hard to exhort them – one could sense the power of the Holy Spirit pounding home each word I spoke.

The pastors’ response was magnificent and overwhelming! No singing, just loud sustained worship and praise to Jesus. It felt as if the room was being shaken. When the sustained praise slowed, you could feel the difference in the room. And I am not exaggerating, the air was literally clearer and felt cleaner! I asked Lyle and two of the other key leaders about it and they all fervently agreed. We then had a great first teaching session and afterward many pastors came up to me and were just blown away by what had taken place.

Some background: Uganda has a history of despotic dictatorship under Idi Amin who killed Christians wholesale because he wanted to make Uganda a Muslim nation. This was immediately followed by Kony (LRA leader) who was more of a mad-dog slaughtering machine. In one instance, Kony let his “soldiers” loose for a 3-day killing spree and they butchered over 200,000 people! There are still vast parts of Uganda that he depopulated that have not come back. The effect of that on the national psyche of Uganda has been devastating.


PROPHECY, DECISION & PRAYER - January 15th, 2016

Gulu, Uganda – Day 2 of 3

“Pastors jumped to their feet shouting that they will not surrender to the devil, but that they will serve the Lord with life and power!”

On the second day – in the middle of my teaching on the Kingdom and the Church – I found myself speaking prophetically to the pastors about them being in a critical time for the church in Gulu and really for all of Uganda. The church had gone thru great persecution and violence and confusion (first Idi Amin, and then worse violence and horror by Kony and the LRA) and had survived by hiding (understandably!). There has now been law and order for some time, yet the church is still functioning in fear and apathy – in danger of becoming just another empty nominal religion instead of the vital, victorious Bride that Jesus wants her to be. Once again the response was powerful. Pastors jumped to their feet shouting that they will not surrender to the devil, but that they will serve the Lord with life and power! As I gathered the meeting back to focus, I told the pastors about what the Lord had spoken to Lyle’s and my heart on the first day, about the church being in the valley of decision, and that their decision this day could well determine what happens to the church in Gulu, even Uganda, for the future ahead [as the ones with spiritual authority in the nation]. I then asked them to make a decision before the Lord as to how they were going to function – first in their own hearts and minds, then in their actions in ministry. Again the response was so powerful. But not with shouting, rather with an intense seriousness. I then had them pray for one another, and it was another moment where you felt as if the roof was going to lift off the place! I am so humbled and blessed to be with these amazing saints.

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REPENTANCE & DELIVERANCE - January 16th, 2016

Gulu, Uganda – Day 3 of 3

“…the presence of the Holy Spirit was so powerful. The response from the pastors was swift and strong.”

The third morning, I began to teach on Making Disciples. Not sure how it happened, but the morning turned into a time of personal deliverance (at first) from generational curses, lies, sickness and poverty. Again the response made it obvious that it was right on target for those present!

The ministry then moved to the pastors asking forgiveness for the neglect of spouses and their families. Repenting from all known sin got dealt with as well, including gossip, jealousy, envy, resentment, competitiveness against other pastors and leaders in the Body. We took the authority given to us as blood-washed and redeemed sons of God to pluck up, destroy and block every generational thing not born of the Spirit from ourselves, and our families, churches and ministries. Again the presence of the Holy Spirit was so powerful. The response from the pastors was swift and strong. I did not “talk them into” anything. The Holy Spirit was doing an amazing sovereign work of freedom. So much happened it is hard to remember it all. Lyle told me that he was struck by the deep intensity of the pastors. Many were kneeling on the floor, some standing, some sitting but bent forward like they were in travail. God did a great work at that meeting. I was then able to finish the teaching about Making Disciples. The night before I had taught on anointing. Again a very strong response.. The Holy Spirit really moved powerfully. Some went down under the power, others went to their knees but it was not like they decided to kneel. I could “see” the Holy Spirit press them down on their knees. Many others were standing to simply receive. The pastors’ hunger was strong and the Spirit really responded. Many received visions, some were obviously being delivered and set free. You could really feel the presence of the Lord there. It really seemed that everyone had been powerfully touched by the Spirit. The teaching on Making Disciples hit a chord with the pastors. Many of them, including the key senior leaders, approached me afterward and said (this is a quote from Pastor Michael Oryem who pastors the largest church in the area and was on the seminar planning committee), “This teaching on making disciples is what the church in Uganda is missing. This is what we must do to recover from the decades of persecution and slaughter. This will make the church strong again.” Many pastors and leaders made comments along those lines. The Lord is on the move here! Many leaders expressed that they feel that this seminar was very redemptive and will bring great healing to the church. I am so grateful to be part of what God is doing in this nation.

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PRESENT AND MOVING - January 19th, 2016

Tororo, Uganda – Day 2 of 3

“…the Spirit was present and moving and so I just went with what I felt to do.”swift and strong.”

Untitled-1Had a great day today. Teaching on God’s Kingdom and the Church went extremely well. The afternoon I was to teach on anointing. But the Spirit was present and moving and so I just went with what I felt to do. Had a word of knowledge as I led them in intercession breaking curses, lies and bondages. Then led them to forgive all those who had failed, hurt, betrayed them. People were falling on their knees weeping and crying out to God in both repentance and forgiveness. The Lord then put on my heart to forgive Iddi Amin and Kony (dictators who slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Christians in Uganda). This was a gnarly moment because I could see on peoples’ faces that they were shocked by such a concept. Once I explained why (the release forgiveness would bring for the people) the response was very strong. Then led them to speak blessing over their children and future generations. Again, the intensity of this time was almost overwhelming! So a powerful day. Many pastors came up and said that no where and at no time had they ever had this kind of teaching.

RAIN - January 20th, 2016

TororoUganda – Day 3 of 3

“…many clear signs of His presence among those assembled in cleansing, healing, restoring, refreshing and refilling.”

It has been a great conference. Today I taught on anointing and receiving a fresh impartation from the Holy Spirit. Just as I was finishing the message, it began to rain [our meetings have been outdoors under canopies]. I first thought it might be problematic for the ministry time of receiving, but the effect was just the opposite! When Africans are hosting guests (us!), they consider rain extra special. And the prophetic symbolism from the Bible of rain being a sign of the Holy Spirit was not lost on the pastors either. The net result was a really great response of hunger and receptivity to a fresh anointing of God’s spirit for life and ministry. A powerful time, with many clear signs of His presence among those assembled in cleansing, healing, restoring, refreshing and refilling. What a great way to end the day!

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