Here, we deal with the art of expounding a passage of Scripture. To expound means to interpret and explain; to set forth a matter in detail.

For example, you may decide to go through the Gospel of John, chapter by chapter. Commencing with the first chapter, you would seek to interpret and explain the meaning and significance of it, verse by verse.

You might deal with one chapter each week – and thus, over a period of weeks, finally go through the whole book.


This is an excellent method of teaching the Bible. It has many distinct advantages, and is a good style to cultivate. Here are some of the obvious advantages of this method:

  1. It Is A Biblical Method

Jesus Himself frequently used this method. He would take a portion of the Old Testament Scripture and interpret the meaning of it to His hearers.

Peter also used this method on the Day of Pentecost. He took some of the Old Testament Scriptures referring to King David, and explained the true meaning of them to the great crowd. He carefully showed the prophetic implications of those Scriptures and how they pointed to Christ, and proved Him to be the Messiah.

Again, we find Stephen using this method of expository preaching in Acts 7. The Bible is literally filled with fine examples of expository preaching.

  1. It Produces Bible Preachers & Bible-Oriented Congregations

Expounding the Scriptures ensures that there is plenty of Bible content in your ministry. As you proceed through a chapter, verse by verse, your congregation is being filled with the Word of God.

  1. It Invites Holy Spirit Reinforcement

The Spirit of God always agrees with the Word of God (1 Jn 5:7). Therefore, the more Bible content we preach, the more of the Spirit’s anointing there will be upon the proclamation. The Holy Spirit delights to confirm the Word of God. He does so many times with signs and wonders (Mark 16:20).

  1. It Encourages Deeper Interest In The Bible

The more of the Bible you share with people, the more hungry they become for it. They will soon begin to study it for themselves at deeper levels. Their lives will be transformed. They will be strengthened and reinforced by the Word. You will have a Bible-oriented church.


  1. Carefully Choose An Appropriate Passage Of Scripture

Make sure the passage is one which will minister life and strength to your hearers. Do not choose a subject merely because it interests or intrigues you. Never select a subject which engenders dispute, division and strife.

You are seeking to be a channel for God, that He might speak His Word to His people through you. You are therefore responsible to get the mind of God for the people over whom He has given you responsibility. This ministry is one of the greatest privileges given to mortal man. It is also one of the most awesome responsibilities!

  1. Seek A Theme Relevant To The People’s Present Situation

God always has “present truth” that He wants to speak to His people (2Pet 1:12). There is a constant progression and development of God’s purposes among His people. He has a specific purpose for each body of believers.