Spiritual Harlotry

Israel often rebelled, repeatedly ignoring God’s warnings and becoming filled with sorcery, divination, idolatry and other occult practices. God charged Israel with “spiritual harlotry” for participating in these forbidden practices and thereby violating her relational covenant with God (Judg 2:11-23 ;1 Chr. 5:25,26; Ps 106:34-39; Isa 57:1-13; Jer 3; Ezek 16; etc.).

God brought the people of Israel into judgment for their “spiritual harlotry”; He often allowed them to be conquered and brought into captivity for their animistic abominations.

God continues to forbid and condemn the use of magic, sorcery, divination, and all forms of mystical powers – in the Old Testament, in the New Testament, and even to the very end of the Church age.

Therefore, any Christian who becomes involved with demonic, mystical powers is in direct disobedience to the expressed will of God as clearly revealed in the Scriptures.

A believer in Jesus Christ is “married” (joined spiritually) to the Lord in a covenant relationship with Him (1 Cor 6:15-20). Through this relationship, the Lord cares for the Church as a husband should care for his wife (Matt 6:25-34; Eph 5:22-32). Therefore, if a Christian consults a medium or spiritist, or becomes involved in the use of magic, witchcraft, or any other demon-filled mystical power, he/she is committing an act of spiritual harlotry – an unfaithful act against the Lord Jesus Christ.

Any involvement with magic and mystical powers of any kind always leads to contact with demons. This contact brings confusion, deception, oppression, bondage, even demonic possession (1 Cor  10:19-21) and leads people far away from God. Therefore God, though the Scriptures, clearly forbids any and all involvement with the demonic realm.

Christian: FLEE From Animism!

Sometimes, even Christians may attempt to participate in occultic, animistic practices. They may not understand that the rituals or practices they are engaging in are animistic and demonic. They may be immature in their faith, or ignorant that the Bible forbids such things. Though they call themselves “Christians”, they may have never truly been “born again” (John 3:3-7); they may never have given their lives and obedience to Christ. Or they may be willful, rebellious and unconcerned with the consequences of engaging in animism.

Regardless of the reason, the Bible is clear: A Christian must never be involved in ANY kind of animistic, demonic practices such as witchcraft, idolatry, sorcery, magic, etc.

Only Through Christ

Man (and woman) is born with a sin nature, inherited through the generations from Adam and Eve. Because of this sin nature, man lives in rebellion against God; thus, man lives with constant anxiety and fear. He may tum to witchcraft, divination, or “lucky” charms or spells in order to attempt to ward off evil. But in reality, these practices invite even worse evil into a person’s life!

Man’s deepest problem is his moral rebellion against God – sin. Mankind has within him a deep spiritual need that can be met ONLY by the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is only the Gospel – with the full teaching of the eternal Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit – that can deliver mankind from his bondage to sin. Only the Gospel can satisfy man’s spiritual need – for it is only when man knows God, his Creator, that his spiritual needs will be met.