I am open to the idea of buildings, but I am not open to restricting church planting to the traditional building-centered idea of church. The need for SATURATION CHURCH PLANTING is too great.

We will never fulfill the Great Commission in the foreseeable future by continuing to embrace the traditional concept of church. That idea will simply not allow for a massive movement of church planting that will be necessary to disciple the nations.

For centuries, the Church has elaborately and ornately designed and decorated beautiful, awe-inspiring buildings. These have been called churches.

In some cases these buildings called churches have themselves become objects of worship. Huge sums of money dedicated to God have been spent on erecting and maintaining these “sacred” buildings.

This era is coming to an end. There is a movement among God’s people back to simplicity. It is a move away from institutionalized, politicized and over-organized Christianity.

The New Testament must be our guide for faith and practice in all things. Let it be our guide in this matter of church buildings. Let it guide our understanding concerning the true place of buildings in the worldwide spread of the message of Jesus Christ our Lord.