We have considered three important keys of authority, namely – the authority of Christ, the authority of the believer, and the authority of the Word of God.  These represent our authority of access to the abundant provision of God for all believers, and, on the other hand, authority over Satan and his works of darkness that we might release captives from the works of the devil.

However,  while all believers in Christ have the privilege of taking hold of and using these three keys of authority we cannot escape the fact that there are certain ones whom the Lord has called and equipped for a specific ministry, both to the church and to the unsaved.

This is more than a personal witness. It is the ministry of Christ in and through certain chosen vessels that he might continue to build his church and prepare a people for the day when he will come again.


Every God-called minister must sooner or later come to a time when he will be challenged with the need for equipment from on high to fulfill his commission and the purpose of God in his ministry.

Faced with this challenge he will either harden his heart and close his ears to the cries of the bound, or he will seek from the Lord the supernatural ability that he needs to reproduce the ministry of Christ and to set the captives free.

Such a challenge came to my own life in 1955.

We had been seeing some encouraging results in the ministry. Many testified to the reality of God’s healing power, and some had been delivered from demons which had afflicted the body and tormented the mind. Yet it seemed that whichever way we turned we were confronted with people whose problems seemed to defy solution and for whose deliverance we seemed to lack the necessary power.

In those days we almost continuously had people staying with us in our small rented home, so that we could minister to their needs. Consequently, I could not escape the challenge, I came face to face with it day by day, and I met with it at meal times when people whose lives were so bound sat at the same table.


It was at this time in 1955 that the Lord so wonderfully provided for the purchase of “Sunrise House” so that we might have better facilities with which to conduct this work, and to enlarge our ministry. Yet, despite the blessings of God and his miraculous provision for the work, I continued to live each day under the pressure of the needs of men and women, and with a consciousness of the inadequacy of my ministry.

Looking back at that time, it seems that for more than a year I spent as many meal times away in my “den” seeking the Lord, as I spent at the meal table; and it seems I spent as many nights in that “den” as I did in my bed.