The devil hates and fears a ministry of authority.

Is it not high time that every bearer of a ministry gift of Christ, every apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher, should recognize the authority of his ministry and go forth as one who is an ambassador of our conquering warrior-king?


Not only is this authority enjoyed by those possessing ministry gifts, however, but it is in a measure shared by all the saints of God.

Ephesians 4:12 tells us that the ministry-gifts of Christ are “for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.”

Modern translations have presented a clearer understanding of this verse by omitting the comma after the word “saints.” In this way the verse is made to read – For the perfection of the saints for the work of the ministry . . .”and so it becomes clear that the ministry-gifts are not given for the purpose of monopolizing the ministry, but rather for the reproduction of ministry.

In much the same way as military officers are chosen and trained that they may later train the soldiers of an army, so God has selected certain per­sons and imparted to them fragments of the supernatural ministry of Christ, that these men might in turn prepare and equip the saints of God to continue the work of the ministry.

So the authority of Christ is channeled through the ministry-gifts to the entire body of Christ.

Men and women of God, let us arise in faith, grasp this concept of the authority of our ministry, lay hold of the key that is offered us from the hand of Christ, and go forth enforcing his blood-bought victory and bring deliverance to men and women bound in the captivity of Satan.

What a wonderful key of authority is offered to the church in the ministry-gifts of Christ! May God raise up a powerful ministry of authority that will in turn produce a victorious church.