Author’s Note – Important!

Dear Fellow Church Leader:

This issue of ACTS Magazine on “Anointing” is designed to be an in-depth, biblical study on this subject. It will require of you some serious thought, study and effort in order to gain a better understanding of this critical topic.

It may require some extensive time to get through this study. You may study through only two or three pages each day. But I strongly urge you to apply yourself both in prayer and in diligent study. If you do, your life and ministry will be changed!

I was in ministry many years before I understood God’s desire for His Spirit’s anointing in my life and ministry. When I opened my heart and allowed God to “open the eyes of my understanding”, I was changed! My ministry was changed! The Holy Spirit’s presence and power were far more active and visible in and through my life and ministry.

Much more fruit became evident in my ministry. I experienced the presence of God in a more profound way than ever before. My life did not become easier; but there was a greater ability to live as more than a conqueror through Christ who loves me (see Romans 8:37).

I strongly encourage you to apply yourself as a diligent and steadfast workman in your study of this material. Here are some practical suggestions that will help you to do this:

First, I have given many Bible references throughout this teaching. Please take the time to look up each and every Scripture reference. This will serve several very important purposes: 1) As a church leader, you should never simply accept every teaching you read or hear, no matter the source. Always search the Scriptures for yourself (Acts 17:11); 2) As a church leader, it is important for you to advance in your knowledge, familiarity and understanding of the Scriptures (2Tim 2:15-18). This will protect you and those you lead from error, as well as cause you to be a skilled workman with the Word of God; 3) Only the Word of God is backed up by the power of God (2Tim 3:16,17; Heb 4:12,13; 2Pet 1:20,21). It is only the combined action of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God that can transform the human heart.

Second, keep a notebook or paper handy and write down notes, questions or scriptures for further study. God will speak to you and reveal truth to you as you study His Word. Let this study be a journey of personal growth for you, which will help you far beyond just receiving good teaching material.

Finally, my dear fellow-worker, I would strongly encourage you to accompany your study time with much prayer and waiting upon the Lord. For it is the Holy Spirit Who reveals truth and the nature and character of Christ (John 14:17,26). Do not let this study involve only your mind, for you will then be limited in what you can receive. Our minds are a gift from God, but they are still limited (see 1 Corinthians Chapters 3 and 4). Open your heart, and allow the Holy Spirit to teach you and to shape you. You can only lead others where you, yourself, have been. So pray, study and enjoy this teaching – and may you grow in God’s anointing power even as you read!