Second, marriage in the Old Testament was much more than just a convenient way to further the human race through having offspring. Rather, the union of a man and woman in marriage is the first institution established by God and should therefore be regarded as a holy relationship.

Marriage is a sacred covenant relationship between a man and woman. Marriage is sacred and holy in the eyes of God (Matt 19:6). It is a long-term commitment that requires personal sacrifice and the full involvement of each spouse. Therefore, marriage should not be entered into lightly or with only selfish desires in mind.

The covenant of marriage is a sacred, life-long agreement between one man and one woman. Once this agreement is entered into, it remains in effect at all times. It is to be adhered to even when it is inconvenient, difficult or seemingly unfulfilling. The marriage covenant is a sacred binding agreement for life. There are great blessings for upholding the marriage vows and cherishing your spouse – and sad and serious consequences for breaking those covenant vows.