“I came across the Shepherd’s Staff book through a friend. It really touched my life through the Word of God well explained, with real-life experiences and easy to learn. I find this material easy in training others.”

Grace Nakeel, Kenya

“I received a copy [of The Shepherd’s Staff] years ago and have shared this book with family members and church brothers. Due to its constant use, it has deteriorated. As you can imagine, this material is a treasure that we would like to continue using.”

Brother Juan Cruz, Mexico

“For years I have been using the material from World MAP and it has been a great blessing in evangelism, discipleship and shepherding.”

Pastor Valdino Busse, Brazil

“Very glad to tell you that the great Shepherd’s Staff is doing miracles in my life. Now I am a new evangelist [rather] than old. Reading the book, I am changing [my] biblical basis. Now I am knowing God’s way.”

Darshan Singh, India