You make this possible!


World MAP serves church leaders who live in the most destitute places in the world. The challenges of poverty, persecution and scarce opportunity make it tough to get the ministry tools they need -but you can help!


A guiding principle for World MAP’s ministry is found in the book of Nehemiah: “… send portions to those for whom nothing is prepared” (8:10). During times of abundance, God’s people are instructed to help those who have far less.

You may not think you have abundance – but, compared to 95% of the world, you do. In Orissa, India, the average income for a Christian pastor is $65 a month. A pastor in Liberia, Africa, supports a family on $16 a month. Most people in developing nations are poor; but the pastors in developing nations are really poor.

Since there is no “market” for ministry training materials in these countries, the materials are scarce – especially in native languages. But even when available, the pastors cannot afford them.

Essential Help

World MAP believes that sound, biblical ministry training is essential. A pastor will be far more effective – and far less susceptible to error or misplaced priorities – if they are well-grounded in biblical doctrine and God’s Kingdom values.

In developing nations – where the Church of Jesus Christ is growing faster than anywhere else in the world – the need for trained pastors is huge. So who will give these pastors the training they need to disciple and conserve the Great Harvest that the Lord is giving? Well, frankly, you can!

Be the Change

World MAP has equipping resources for pastors that are proven, easy to use and simple to understand. With your help, we can place these materials free-of-charge into the hands of pastors in the nations of greatest need.

And remember – your gifts designated for a specific ministry purpose are used 100% for that ministry purpose!

$ 8 – Gives one pastor a 1000-page Shepherd’s Staff

 A handheld book with 1,000 pages of Bible teaching and ministry training. 

$ 20 – Helps develop ACTS Training Guides

In-depth electronic Bible studies on critical subjects for church leaders. 

$ 20 – Helps fund audio & video teachings

 In development: audio & video resources for leaders.

$ 25 – Sends one leader to a World MAP Seminar

 Anointed teaching, unifying fellowship and much-needed spiritual renewal for pastors.