Every congregation should be moving forward in the particular purpose of God that He has defined for them. In order to accomplish this, it is essential that His specific word of truth is ministered to them consistently.

It is sometimes a useful exercise to ask yourself: “If this were to be my last chance to speak to this people, what is the most important thing they need to hear?”

Preaching with this kind of thought in mind helps you. It will ensure that your topics are relevant and vital to the development and maturing of the people in the purposes that God has for them.

  1. Study The Passage Carefully From Every Angle

Read it through several times until you begin to become very familiar with it. Then study it carefully, verse by verse. Whenever there is an obvious link with some other passage of Scripture, read that portion, too.

If you have access to any reference books, then by all means read them. But above all, keep your mind open and alert to the Holy Spirit, to glean whatever thoughts He may share with you.

  1. Endeavor To Thoroughly Understand Your Theme

Always seek to discover the underlying theme of the passage. What was the Holy Spirit seeking to convey when He inspired this passage? What is at the very heart of this teaching? What is it that God would say to His people through this?

  1. Have A Definite Objective In Mind

Your objective should be in complete harmony with God’s objective.

Having discovered what you sense He is wanting to communicate through this Scripture, your task is to be as faithful to that as possible. So, you need to soak yourself in the message.

It is not sufficient to mentally comprehend what God is saying. You need to feel what He is feeling. He wants to communicate His heart as well as His mind. So His Word must flow through your heart as well as your mind.

You are to be God’s instrument to convincingly relay His message to His people. You are His mouthpiece!

You are not called to share YOUR mind with the people. You are called to share HIS mind with them. This awareness should be your motivating factor. It should be the compelling reason for your preaching.

  1. Speak From Your Own Experience

In order for you to effectively communicate truth, it should be something which God has worked out in your own life first.

Many preachers present theories. They preach platitudes which some­ times have no practical relevance. No man can convincingly preach a “born-again experience” unless he has experienced it himself.

You must know the experience as a reality in your own life before you can effectively share it with others. The preacher is called to be a living epistle. He is not only required to preach the truth; he is also required to practice and demonstrate it. He is to be a living example of all he preaches.

  1. Make It Meaningful

Exegesis means “to bring out the true meaning.” You are responsible to ensure, to the best of your ability, that the true meaning and significance of the Scripture becomes clear to your listeners.