As we sit quietly, focusing our minds on the Bible, buried thoughts will float to the surface again. I often tell my students: “Push your memory; make it work. You will not damage it by making it work for you. You can only improve it.” Never be afraid to do this.

Sit and concentrate. Will to remember what your thoughts were. Refresh you r mind with them again.

  1. Who Or What Can I Consult On This Subject?

Discussing a biblical topic with a fellow preacher is always a stimulating and valuable experience. If you have opportunity to do this, then seize that chance! It will be edifying and enlightening for all concerned.

This kind of exercise should take place every time preachers are together. Engaging in discussion on edifying Bible subjects would do a tremendous amount of good and foster true fellowship and unity: I feel very sad for many of my minister friends who have no reference books. But they do have each other!

Share your knowledge and experience with each other. Pool your Bible knowledge through good discussion and frequent conversation. Don’t waste those golden opportunities when you come together


Having found a suitable, relevant passage, deal with it as follows:

  1. Be Open-Minded About It

Put aside your preconceived ideas on the subject. Let your mind be open and unbiased to receive and learn something new.

Someone has said that if we really want to grow spiritually, then we must read all those parts of the Bible which we have NEVER underlined.

Frequently, We have firmly established concepts; and we tend to see only those things which confirm what we already believe. We must approach God’s Word with openness and honesty.

Don’t nullify or make of “no effect” the Word of God because your religious tradition has shut off your mind to anything other than what you presently believe (see Mark 7:13).

You certainly do not have the sum total of all the knowledge God wants to impart to you. Be ready to learn whatever new truth God may have to share with you.

  1. Investigate It Thoroughly

Analyze the passage. Interrogate it! Take it apart and examine it thoroughly. Do this with your mind open to the Holy Spirit. Anticipate fresh thought and revelation from God. Expect to discern truth which you have never noticed before.

The Word of God is like a mine shaft. The deeper you go, the more precious the deposits you find. Many people are content to dig around the surface. Their conclusions are always superficial.  They are able to share only what others already know.

A secret of effective teaching is to investigate those areas of truth which have not previously occurred to people. In this way, you can share fresh and refreshing truth with them.

  1. Do Some Original Thinking About It

Do not let your mind stay in the ruts you have created. Trust the Holy Spirit to illuminate your mind. I am sure He will share something with you that you have never known before.