When Jesus Christ became the Lord of your life, He became Lord of everything. Your plans, your talents and skills, your thoughts, your feelings, your family, your body, your life – all these now belong to Jesus Christ, not to you. If you have not given Him everything, from your heart, to do with as He wills, then do this today. Tell this to the Lord in prayer.

Then every day, pray to be searched by the Holy Spirit, who brings conviction. Let Him show you the things that you need to freshly surrender to God. Confess and repent when you recognize sin or failure, selfishness or fleshly desires. Disciplining your flesh will make you a much stronger disciple of Christ. The Bible says to “humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God…” (1 Pet. 5:6).

Below is a list to help you examine your life. This is not about rules or outward conformity. This is a way to honestly evaluate your life and ministry, from the heart. These questions are meant to help you grow in your personal life and become a better tool in God’s hands. Be honest with yourself; and above all, be honest with God. We cannot fool God. He knows what is in our heart, and He sees everything about our lives. It is always best to approach God humbly, asking for His help and grace so that we can grow into stronger and more faithful servants of His.

If some of these things are not yet true of you, but you want them to be, ask the Lord to help you. Then make time to actually do them! It has been said that we make time for what is truly important. If these things are important to you, you must begin to make time for them.


  • Do I spend regular time in prayer and Bible study each day?
  • Do I take time to listen to God, to wait for Him to speak and reveal His thoughts and plans to me?
  • Do I ask the Holy Spirit to search my life? Do I confess my sins regularly?
  • Do I study the Bible and plan carefully any preaching work I am to do?
  • Am I trying to improve myself in speech, appearance, knowledge of the Bible and my skills?
  • When I go to preach, do I have other believers with me?
  • Have I asked God to attend the ministry He has given me with His anointing and power?
  • Am I filled with the power of the Holy Spirit according to Acts 2?
  • Do I have people who will pray every day for my ministry and for me, especially when I go to preach or share the Gospel with others?
  • Do I pray for more boldness, in order to best preach Christ?
  • Have I fasted and prayed this month?
  • Do I know what the Bible says about praying and trusting God for finances, so that the provision will be there to provide for my family AND my ministry?
  • Do I have a mentor to help me? Have I asked God for someone to train me?
  • Is there a man or woman I should ask to invest time and work into my life and ministry?
  • Have I prayed and asked God to show me other men or women I must train and help in evangelism? If so, what am I doing about it?
  • Am I disciplined in my walk with God or am I lazy?
  • Do I spend good, nurturing time with my spouse and children?
  • Do I put things off or do I work hard, keep my commitments and honor my word?
  • Is my thought life pure? Does my thought life belong totally to God?
  • Do I read the Bible and other Christian books to help me grow?
  • Do I work with pastors to help fill their churches or plant new ones?
  • Have I read and studied – and do I follow – the qualifications in Scripture for those who are called to leadership in Christ’s Church? (1Tim 3:1-13; Titus 1:5-9)


It is not easy to be in ministry, but the rewards of obedience to Christ’s call far outweigh the hardships. Seeing people come to Christ is one of the greatest rewards we can have on earth. The Bible teaches that he who wins [brings] souls is wise (Prov 11:30).