On the rest of the page, write down any major thoughts you MIGHT include in your sermon or lesson. Don’t worry about any particular order now, just write down anything that comes up. You’ll choose the ones you’ll use in your message later. Keep your stated purpose in mind. The sermon/lesson plan form is not your completed message. It is only a device to help you assemble all the parts into the finished product.


Make a sermon plan right now. Take a piece of paper and make a sermon plan like the one in the illustration. Then, take the ideas you gathered earlier and begin to plan a sermon or lesson. Be sure to:

  1. Define the purpose of the message. I want to preach this message because…
  2. List ideas, Scriptures and illustrations that apply to the message.
  3. Plan a conclusion. How do you want the sermon to end? The conclusion should be an action step. Get your listeners to do something. Don’t let them just listen to you. Blessed are they that hear the Word of God and do it.