by Frank and Wendy Parrish

The most important decision you will make in life is whether you have received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. But the second most important decision you will make in life is who (or if) you will marry. This second most important decision has a lifelong impact on everything you do and everything you will become in life.

This issue of ACTS will explain what the Bible teaches about:

  • God’s purpose for marriage;
  • The role of a husband and wife;
  • The responsibilities of parents.

Some married Christian leaders mistakenly think it is more “spiritual” to spend ALL of their time and energy in the work of ministry to others -and very little with their family. This is completely wrong!

This behavior violates the biblical basis of marriage and God’s expectations and standards for a Christian marriage and home. Those who put ministry before their family do not understand God’s very clear instructions in the Bible about marriage.

Please study this magazine – and your Bible – very carefully and allow the Holy Spirit to deal with your heart and lifestyle in ministry. God has designed marriage to be a strength and blessing to you. A godly marriage will help make you a much better person and more effective minister. As you will see from this study, God places an extremely high priority on marriage and godly order in the Christian home. This is especially true for church leaders who – through their faithfulness to their family responsibilities – can set a powerful example for others.