A few days ago, a delivery truck brought a package to my door. I had ordered some cassette tapes and was very glad to get them. Although the important thing was to get the tapes, the truck was important because it brought the tapes to me.

The sermons and lessons we preach and teach are like delivery trucks. They deliver the goods. The Word is of course the most important thing, but there must be some way to deliver it to the people. Sermons and lessons must be given to people, but you deliver them.

In this article, you will learn how to build a sermon or a lesson plan. You will learn how to preach and teach that the people in your church or class receive the Word without noticing the one who does the preaching and teaching.

I have found that people learn best when they know what they are going to learn before they are taught it. So, at the beginning of each section, I have listed for you what you learn there.


Here are four practical steps that will help you get the most out of this article.

  1. Find a quiet place to read and go there to read this.
  2. Follow the steps I recommend and WORK ON A SERMON OR LESSON OF YOUR OWN while you read.
  3. Take a five to ten minute break every hour. You will understand more of what you’re reading if you don’t read too long at one time.
  4. Make a plan to work on your sermons and lessons every week and do it.