Adapted from the teachings of Frank and Wendy Parrish and Ralph Mahoney

In the New Testament, the word “effective” means active, powerful, strong, mighty; the dictionary definitions include “prepared and available for service”. So the purpose of this teaching is to help you – through Christ – become the most active, strong, powerful church leader you can be, one who is ready for service!

Godly leadership is service. Godly leadership means work – often hard work, but work that is always rewarding and lasting. Godly leadership, however, is not your ultimate goal, but it is a means to an end: the edifying and equipping of the Body of Christ, the spread of the Gospel and, most importantly, the glory of God!

For this teaching to be effective in your life, you must study it prayerfully and apply what you have learned to your own life. You must also study the Bible along with it. The Word of God contains all that you need to know about godly leadership. Therefore, this teaching will direct you again and again to search the Scriptures.

As you study, let the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit lead you, teach you, and shape you into an effective, godly leader in the Body of Christ!