As we look at the men and women of the Bible, we discover that whenever a person came into the presence of God, it was for their assignment to be revealed, repeated or reinforced – not the purpose. The purpose for which they were created is already clear: that is to be a son who worships and fellowships with the Father daily. The process (or the assignment) is what we are called specifically to do as sons of the Father.

To fulfill our assignment is to be obedient to what God the Father has called us to do. This we should do without complaining, resisting or desiring to do something else. We are to take our will and willingly submit it to God, allowing our will to be conformed to His will. It is to be as if His heartbeat is beating within our heart. “For it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure” (Phil 2:13).


We can begin to have confidence in our calling only when we are sure that it is God who called us. Ordination does not produce confidence, because ordination does not produce the calling. Bible School does not produce confidence, because Bible School does not produce the calling. Your mentor does not produce confidence, because your mentor does not produce the calling. Only One can produce the confidence you need, and that is God – because only God calls one into the ministry. When you know (have confidence) that you are called, then you can truly and confidently know that God will equip you, by His Holy Spirit, for that which He has called you to do.


When we embrace:

  • the purpose of God, that we are to be His sons (confidence in our relationship); and
  • the call of God in our lives (confidence in the call)

…THEN we will have a growing confidence in the ministry!

We must never lose sight of the fact that this life is a spiritual journey. As New Testament believers, we are spiritual beings. It may help to understand this concept about life: We are not human beings who are having a temporary spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings who are having a temporary human experience!

We are spirit, soul and body… but spirit first. We are not spirit only under certain circumstances or during certain times. We are called to “walk by the Spirit” at all times (Rom 8:1,5,6; Gal 5:16). That means we wake up “in the Spirit”, we eat “in the Spirit”, we work “in the Spirit”, we minister “in the Spirit”, we are husbands “in the Spirit”, and we are fathers “in the Spirit”. We are spiritual not only when we pray or read the Bible or preach. As believers we are always spiritual (1Cor 10:31; Col 3:17)! Therefore, let us walk in the Spirit as spiritual men and women, confident because of our solid foundation in God through Christ.