by Frank and Wendy Parrish

In Micah 6:4, we see the Lord’s compassionate faithfulness being poured out upon His people. He calls them to remember His redemption of the children of Israel out of Egypt: “For I brought you up from the land of Egypt, I redeemed you from the house of bondage; and I sent before you Moses, Aaron, and Miriam.”

God gave the almost two million Israelites this leadership trio, one of whom was a woman. Miriam was given great authority and responsibility in leading God’s people (Ex15:20,21).

God called her for that role, and blessed her in it. But is church leadership something now forbidden or discouraged for women today? Is a woman in ministry living in a wrong way before God? Does the Bible put limits on a woman’s involvement in the Church? Is a woman “spiritually inferior” to a man, or somehow “less important” to God and His purposes?


There are many opinions about women in ministry, but it is vitally important to examine what the Bible actually says. “For the Word of God is living and powerful… and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart” (Heb 4:12).

We may have our own ideas about women in the Church. Some we might have received from our culture, our denomination or even our own family. These ideas may be based only upon human wisdom, though, and not based on divine wisdom and the Word of God.

There are also some passages in the New Testament that might create questions and confusion regarding the place of women in the Body of Christ. Those will be examined in this teaching as well.

But before we can address those crucial issues, we must have a basis of understanding. To truly understand God’s design for man and woman and how they are to function together, we must begin with God’s original design in creation.

So take your Bible and let us search out the Scriptures to discover God’s heart toward women in ministry.