However, it must be clearly and unequivocally affirmed that Jesus came to earth as a Man – that He was born in a physical body, lived on earth, and died a physical death.

It can be pointed out that God is all-powerful and therefore could certainly manifest Himself in a human form; for there is nothing too hard for Him (Jer 32: 17; Luke 1:37).

The biblical doctrine of the Trinity does not contradict itself – even though it is difficult for our finite minds to comprehend this, as we are limited in our ability to understand. It is important to communicate to a Muslim the truth that God is One in essence and three in Person. God is One in essence in that each Person of the Trinity shares in the same self-existent attributes and qualities that are unique to God. Yet God is three in Person in that each Person of the Trinity is uniquely distinct within the essence of God.


B. “Is It Possible That The Bible Has Been Corrupted Or Altered?”

Muslims are taught that the Bible as we now have it was altered from the original writings by Jews and Christians. Muslims call this the doctrine of tahrif, or alteration.

The Bible: God’s Unaltered Word

It is important to assure Muslims that it is actually impossible for the Scriptures to be altered. It would require that Jews and Christians from all over the world agree on many supposed changes in the Scripture over centuries, and then not allow one copy to exist that did not have these exact changes!

Not only that, but subsequent archaeological discoveries such as the Dead Sea Scrolls (dated from 100 BC and found in 1947) completely confirm that the Old Testament has remained unchanged over all these centuries.

To establish the authenticity of the New Testament, researchers have gathered 3, 157 Greek manuscripts that contain either the entire New Testament, or portions of it. These documents date from AD 200 (400 years before Mohammed). The only inconsistencies found in comparing these texts are insignificant errors, such as a wrong letter in a word.

The idea that changes to the sacred texts of the Bible have occurred, thus causing changes to biblical history and doctrines, is completely false and without factual basis.


C. “Why Would God Crucify Jesus?”

The Muslims believe that it would be a dishonor for God to have allowed one of His messengers to be martyred.

Muslims who have difficulty with the crucifixion of Jesus might be helped to know that Jesus continually predicted His own death. And He did so because His atoning death was a focal point of His ministry (Matt 10:28), not just the convergence of forces opposed to His teaching. Read the following verses with a Muslim: Matthew 12:39,40; 16:4,21; 17:22,23; 20:17- 19; 26:2; Mark 8:31; 9:31; 10:33,34; Luke 9:22,44; John 10:11,17,18; 12:32,33.

Part of a Muslim’s struggle is why God would have Jesus die. Have them read Isaiah 53:4-12 to help answer this question. The final verse begins to answer the Muslim’s objection that Jesus would be dishonored by such a death. Instead of dishonor, Jesus was exalted by God for His obedience and submission to God’s will (Phil 2:8, 9; Heb 12:2; see also Hebrews 10:5-10). It is the obedience of Jesus to the Father’s will that fulfilled God’s plan to bring salvation to all mankind. A Muslim should actually honor Jesus for His true submission and obedience to God!