Heaven is holy and perfect. Therefore Satan’s sin could have arisen only from within his own heart. Pride and the desire for power became his downfall. He found more pleasure in his own beauty than in the glory of God. He became lifted up in his own eyes, and sought the honor and power which belong only to God.

Satan wanted the worship of Heaven and the authority of God’s throne. And he was willing to rebel against the Most High God to get it. Sadly, a large number of the angelic host joined Satan in his rebellion (see 2 Peter 2:4; Jude 6).

One wonders why Satan and his host thought they could succeed in their rebellion against God. The Scripture even says that he was ‘full of wisdom” (Ezek 28:12).

As we have seen, however, there is a “blindness” and self- deception in pride. When we center everything in ourselves, it is hard to “see” beyond ourselves. Deception is believing something is right when it is wrong -that it is good when it is evil.

With pride comes deception. Satan was truly deceived. He was far too smart to try something that was plainly doomed to failure. But he really thought he would win!

The person who can most easily deceive others is one who is deceived himself. He will be very sure he is right and seem to be very sincere. Certainty and sincerity are not sure signs that one is right, however. It is possible to be sincerely but truly wrong!


There may have been a number of reasons why Satan and his host believed they could win. No one had ever disobeyed God before. His power and authority had never been tested. The results of rebellion had never been seen. Death was unknown. Moreover, this was the first time the powers of good and evil came in conflict with one another. The battle of the ages was about to begin!

Unlike God, Satan was not “omniscient” – all-knowing. As a created being, all he had to go on was God’s word. He didn’t know how powerful or important he might truly be.

With pride comes deception. And with deception comes doubt of anyone else’s authority. Satan began to doubt God’s word, and as a result decided to disobey God’s word.

The links in the chain of evil can now be clearly seen: PRIDE – SELF-DECEPTION – REBELLION – DISOBEDIENCE. The last link was the link of DEATH!

Satan also may have thought that he had found a weakness in God’s divine plan. An overview of Scripture seems to show that God chose to achieve His purpose in creation through creatures of free will. The angels, and later man, were made with a freedom of choice.

As said before, this involved a great risk. There was the danger of wrong choices and the evil results that would follow. God foresaw that possibility, but rested in His knowledge that in the end:

  1. GOOD would overcome EVIL
  2. LOVE would overcome HATE
  3. LIGHT would overcome DARKNESS
  4. TRUTH would overcome ERROR
  5. RIGHT would overcome WRONG