Yes, we have been born as sinners because we were in Adam. We sin because we have a sin-nature. It shows itself very early in life. Those of us who are parents have seen this in our own children. We didn’t have to teach them to sin; they just came by it naturally from their parents. They quickly learned how to get their own will and way. Whenever their wills were crossed, their little sin-natures got louder and stronger. That streak of sin seemed to grow faster than they did!

Why was this so? Because we all take after our forefather Adam.

“When he sinned, many were made sinners.” We were all in Adam from the very beginning.


Yes, we were all born sinners. But it is also true that you are a sinner because you sin.  We have proven this by our many and repeated acts of sin. Paul tells us most plainly that there is “none righteous, no, not one… All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Rom 3:10,23).

Therefore, if someone asks us, “Do we sin because we are sinners?” we would have to say “Yes”. If they also ask us “Are we sinners because we sin?” we would have to say “Yes” again. Both are true. It is not either/or. We were born sinners, and everyone has proven that fact by their many sins. Therefore, we have been judged as sinners on both counts – by our sinful ancestor (Adam) and by our sinful actions. They are two sides to the same coin.

Yes, we are all “natural-born sinners”. However, many religious people still do not see their need of salvation. They do not consider themselves to be sinners.

They live good, honest lives. They attend a church or go to a pagan temple regularly, and support it with their finances. They pay their bills, and don’t drink or curse. They try to keep the Ten Commandments, and believe they will make it to heaven -by their own works of righteousness.

This is a tragic error to make, for they are wrong! We are all sinners -twice over – by birth and by deed. It is a fact of history – and of life. There’s nothing in ourselves that we can do about it. No amount of good deeds will change our sin-nature, or cancel the penalty for our sins.

The Scripture says that at the very best “all our righteousnesses are like filthy rags” (Isa 64:6). We cannot hope to cover our sin by our “good works”. Paul declares in Galatians 2:16 that “by the works of the Law no flesh shall be justified”. Even if we were perfect in our obedience of all of God’s laws, it would not be enough to save us!

In the bright light of God’s holiness, we can only be seen as the sinners we are. Our hope can never be in our goodness -only in God’s grace. We must know we are “sick unto death” because of Adam’s sin, and our own, before we can receive God’s cure!