Every human ever born develops some type of worldview. Our worldview is formed by many things, including: our education; our upbringing; the society and culture we live in; the books we read; the teachers we have; and our exposure to television, radio or the newspapers. For many people, their worldview is simply something they have absorbed by continual contact with their surrounding influences.

Most people have not identified their worldview or their perceptions of how life should operate. They just live life day-to-day, not consciously or intentionally living out their particular worldview. Their worldview may be biblical or secular, or somewhere in between.

Sadly, much of our view of the world is shaped by people and circumstances around us which are often broken and darkened by sin. Thus, our worldview also becomes distorted and broken. Having this kind of view of the world can lead us to become deceived about many things.

When our thinking and beliefs have been shaped by “the world” – through vain philosophies, false religions and ungodliness – we end up with a worldly or secular worldview (Phil 3:17-19).


The moment we are saved through faith in Christ, all our sins are forgiven (Col 1:14). The penalty for our sin was paid by the blood of Christ (Rom 3:24, 25). When we are forgiven, our sins are remembered by God no more (Heb 10:16, 17). Our past is viewed by God as completely pure and holy (1Cor 6:9-11).

But some of the effects of our sinful life prior to Christ can still remain with us. The Bible reveals that after salvation, we need further transformation of our heart and mind (2Cor 3:18; Heb 10:14; Rom 8:29; 12:1,2). This transformation will help us to think and act more like a follower of Christ, and to have a different, more godly worldview.

Our secular worldview often hinders us from recognizing or responding to the righteous standards of the Bible. We end up not living as a fruitful citizen of God’s Kingdom, or enjoying the benefits our new heavenly citizenship. We may continue to practice or believe things that contradict the Bible. Or we may choose to fall back into a sinful lifestyle.

Let us study a bit more about our worldview to discover why this often happens.


Everyone has a worldview. Your worldview consists of how you view and perceive many things – including relationships, family, work, government and religion. Your worldview influences all of your decisions and actions.

Since our worldview is so important to how we live – and do the work of the ministry – let us take a closer look at the meaning of “worldview”:

  1. A worldview is the overall perspective from which one sees and interprets the world.
  2. A worldview is a collection of beliefs about life and the universe held by an individual or a group.

Unfortunately, many are living a life which is inconsistent with a biblical view simply because they have been deceived by the many factors that can shape a worldview.


The nature of deception is sinister. The one who is deceived is often unaware that he or she is being deceived (2Tim 3:13). Every one of us has the potential for wickedness and deception in our heart (Jer 17:9). So we need a source of truth in order to check our heart.