As the main conference continued, I gathered with the pastors and leaders for the next two days at a church down the road. This opportunity for them to be set apart to receive is vital, as the teachings require their full attention and energy.

We worked hard studying the Scriptures, and these hungry brothers and sisters fully received the teachings presented. For most, it was a first-time experience to gather with other pastors for training geared just for them.

In their excitement, the pastors would stay during the session breaks, asking questions and discussing what had been taught. It was such a pleasure and joy to be with them, to encourage each one in God’s Kingdom purposes and in making disciples.

And, of course, following the seminar, they each received their very own copy of The Shepherd’s Staff in Spanish – with years’ worth of material for both personal growth and training others.


The pastors’ seminar and conference concluded Sunday evening with an evangelistic crusade in the town square. To build excitement prior to the event, the conference attendees marched in a two-hour parade through town – one-thousand strong! A band led the way, while the marchers held banners, gave out balloons and sang worship songs.

The curiosity of the villagers drew them into the streets, while others opened their windows and doors to hear what was being said. Unashamed and full of joy, the procession of believers proclaimed the name of Jesus throughout the streets as the sun began to set.

That evening, Pastor Bill preached a beautiful message about the forgiveness of God, a topic not often presented or easily accepted in the Hispanic culture. Many stood in silent awe at the power and simplicity of the truth being shared.

At the conclusion, many came forward for prayer and to receive Christ. The local pastors were assigned to minister, pray for the sick and lead people to Jesus. But when that time came, these brave and committed leaders were hesitant and unsure of what to do.

These pastors lacked confidence due to a lack of simple, practical teaching and training – may the Lord hear our prayer to multiply the efforts of World MAP and others who will help meet their need!


In our remaining days in Peru, we traveled by boat to various villages and met with local pastors in their own areas.

Part of the ministry of Amazon Outreach is drilling wells to provide fresh water for the many people living along the Ucayali River – a river carrying dangerous micro-
organisms and disease. These wells are such a blessing, raising physical health and providing an open door to serve and evangelize the villages.