The power of the Holy Spirit of God works in, through and with the Word of God!

If we want to live a pure life, filled with God’s holy power, the Scriptures must be an essential part of the content of our heart. Hide the Word in your heart by reading it often, memorizing it, and doing what it says. Either the Bible will keep you from sin, or sin will keep you from the Bible.

  1. God’s Word As Igniter

The picture of “fire” suggests that there is a consuming impulse or energy that comes from the Word.

Jeremiah 20:9 describes how the prophet was trying to resist speaking God’ Word to a rebellious people. But he could not keep quiet! God’s word burned within him and he knew he must declare the whole of God’s counsel to God ‘s people.

There is an energizing that comes from God’s Word, which enables and equips us through the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and word. David, in a moment of great despair, when even his own followers wanted to kill him, strengthened himself in the Lord his God.”  Surely this “strengthening” included meditating on the Word and what it revealed of Who God is – reminding him that his trust is in God, not circumstances. God brought victory that day because David sought the Word of the Lord (1 Sam 30).

When Jonah finally obeyed God and brought the Word of the Lord to Nineveh, a great revival was ignited in that city. It was such a profound revival that even the Son of God commented upon it (Matt 12:41}.

God’s Word ignites life in the discouraged soul. God’s Word ignites conviction, so people will repent. God’s Word ignites zeal for the things of God. God’s Word is a fire that ignites His people!

  1. God’s Word As Strengthener

In ancient human history, people used fire to harden certain tools and weapons made out of wood (such as the tip of a spear). In some primitive parts of the world today this is still being done.

God uses the fire of His Word to bring strength and depth to our convictions. As Christians, and as leaders, we have nothing firm to stand on if we do not stand on the Word of God.

The Bible itself warns us of the danger of being weak or wavering in our convictions. In James 1:7-8 we are told that a person who is weak in his convictions and moral strength is “double-minded.”

This is a unique Greek word, used twice in the book of James (1:8; 4:8) and nowhere else in the New Testament. The word is dipsuchos, which literally means “a man with two souls, or having two different minds inside his head.” This word gives us the picture of a piece of wood tossed about by the waves – coming near the shore, then being drawn back out to sea. It could also be a picture of someone who is drunk and staggers from one side of the street to the other, but never making any progress forward.