How can we have our minds “renewed”?

It cannot be done through any self -effort of our own. But if the Word of God is truly “a lamp to our feet and a light to our path,” then surely a daily, deep feasting and soaking in the Word of God can radically change us! It can illuminate our understanding and restore our mind.

I personally know a young man who was addicted to drugs. He had so destroyed his mind with these substances that he would hallucinate even when he wasn’t taking drugs! His memory was ruined and it was killing him. But God saved him, and the Holy Spirit led him to start reading the Bible every day – sometimes all day long!

Many years have passed, and now this man has graduated from college and seminary -and serves God full-time as a Christian leader! His mind was restored and his understanding illuminated by the Living and powerful Word of God! (Heb 4:12).

God’s Word has power – power to heal, power to restore, power over darkness!

3.”To quench, extinguish, snuff out the light by smothering it”

With this interpretation, John 1:5 reads, “The darkness will never be able to eliminate it.”  Physicists tell us that the fastest thing in the universe is the speed of light.  But actually there is one thing faster: the speed of darkness!  Wherever light comes in. the darkness goes out – fast! Wherever and whenever the light of God’s Spirit and His Word are given entrance, hell can’t and won’t stay around.

There was a witch doctor who was deeply involved in the spiritual realm of the demonic. He used demon powers to see into the spirit­ world, and he could actually spot Christians coming as they passed by on the street. This man could tell who the Christians were by the glow of light he could see on the chests of believers. He could tell the strong believers from the weak ones by the size and brightness of this glow.

Some believers were just smoldering, puttering, barely alive spiritually; others wen so bright he could not look at them.

The Christians who were filled with light he would avoid at all costs. The demons inside him would shudder in fear and make him cross the street to walk on the other side just so he would not go near them.

Eventually, Christ caught this man in his arms of love and salvation. When he shared his testimony about coming out of witchcraft and demon-worship, he explained why certain Christians were glowing brightly with light and others were barely glowing at all. He testified that the light-filled believers were those filled with God’s Word! The dim ones were Christians who had only a little bit of God’s Word in their heart or life.

James 2:19 tells us that “even the demons believe- and tremble!” It is time for God’s people to more fully believe and be transformed by the light of God’s Word. Darkness cannot smother the light when it is bright, fully lit and being fed by the holy Scriptures.