Life And Power

Third, it is a biblical principle that whatever is in the spiritual life of a leader (or parent of a family) can be duplicated in those who follow him or her. Therefore, it is necessary that we are washed by the Word and are alive spiritually. This will help ensure that we are passing along spiritual life and health to those we serve, instead of spiritual deadness.

Those we lead need to be taught how important it is to be washed in the water of the Word. It is a very important part of every believer’s life. If people are cleansed, and filled with the life and power of God’s Word, anointed by His Spirit, they will be able to minister powerfully to their family, their church …and to the world.


Life-Giving Breath

“…having been born again, not of corruptible seed, but incorruptible through the Word of God which lives and abides forever” (1 Pet 1:23).

God exalts His Name and His very words in the Scriptures. He and His words are also exalted in the preaching of His Word.

But He also exalts His Word in the saving of lost men and women. For it is by His Word and His Spirit, and not by testimonies, eloquent arguments, or emotional appeals, that He brings to true salvation those who are spiritually dead.

We owe our natural existence to the Creator’s spoken Word and His life-giving breath (see Genesis 2:7). In the same way, we owe our spiritual New Birth to the power of God’s Word activated by the Holy Spirit.

By studying 1 Peter 1:23 closely, we can learn some important lessons. The language structure of this verse in the Greek shows that the bringing forth of this seed to life is God’s action; He and He alone does it. This means that people can­not attain this through study or self­ effort (see John 1:12, 13). Only God can cause the seed to bring forth salvation life in the human heart.

The seed is the Gospel message of the Kingdom of God. Jesus Himself declared in His parable of the sower that the Word of God is seed (Luke 8:5-15). God may allow people to sow the seed by preaching the Word, or to water or nurture the seed. But only He can cause it to bring forth life unto salvation (1 Cor 3:6-7).

Sometimes we, as leaders, are tempted to ”help” God or His Word. We may want to push or force someone into responding. Sometimes we get in God’s way and try to take the place of the Holy Spirit.

Instead, we need to believe in the power of God and His Word to perform that which it was sent to do (see Isaiah 55:11). We can sow the seed and plant the truth of God’s Word into people, but He must be the One to cause it to grow into life.

A Waxy Buildup

But we can play a part in the process of the Word bringing forth life. Our part is revealed in James 1:21, another verse of Scripture about the seed of the Word of God. “Therefore lay aside all filthiness and overflow of wickedness and receive with meekness tire implanted word, which is able to save your souls. ” This scripture indicates clearly that we are called to respond to the Word of God as it is brought to us.