Read Luke 8:5-15 several times, and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you about the condition of the soil of your heart.


By His Word…

  • ··is not my word like a fire? Says the Lord” (Jer 23:29).

The Word of God is like nothing else in all the world. Though there are many religious writings in the world today, none of them contains THE FULL TRUTH about God, salvation, and the right way to live except for the Bible, God’s anointed Scriptures.

Fire is a profound symbol of the Word of God.

The Scriptures declare that God “upholds all things by the word of His power” (Heb 1:3). This ties in with Psalm 33:6-8, which declares that by His word God created the heavens and the earth and by that same word He holds them in place. God’s Word is awesome and powerful!

The Holy Spirit shows us this powerful creativity by comparing the Word of the Lord to fire. This comparison suggests three very important actions of the Word in our lives.

  1. God’s Word As Purifier

There is a kind of fire that only God can bring to our souls. It brings a deep conviction of sin as well as an overwhelming desire for purity. The Word activated by the Holy Spirit in our hearts is what God uses to begin the purifying process.

Psalm 119:9 asks the question, “How can a young man [or any person of any age] keep his way pure?” All of us who have struggled with sin in our own lives have asked this question.   The same Psalm answers the question in the same question in the same verse: “by taking heed according to your word.”

How do we “take heed” to God’s Word?

“Take heed'” literally means “to pay attention, take notice”. We must not ignore the Word of God. We must carefully pay attention to God’s instructions contained therein, and act upon those instructions.

The same Psalm just two verses later says, “Your word have I hidden in my heart that I might not sin against you.” Certainly this means more than just preaching it, teaching it, or believing it with only our minds. We must take God’s Word in to every part of our life and being – so much so that God ‘s Word fills us, and stands  like, a mighty mountain at the very  center of our being.

It is from this center most place in our hearts that the Word begins its purging activity. It can reach deep within, to cleanse even the vilest sinner and the vilest sin. God’s Word can purify your minds and hearts from foolishness, unbelief, lies, and other thoughts and attitudes that would be displeasing to God.

The Word of God is a consuming fire, burning lip the chaff in our lives. ”Chaff” is the dry, dead husk from the kernel of wheat. It is the waste, or worthless matter that surrounds the healthy seed. We need the purifying fire of the Word of God to burn up what is worthless and unfruitful in our lives, so the life-giving seed that God imparts can grow unhindered!