The following are frequently asked questions about house churches:

Q. Why house churches?

A. We plant house churches for the following reasons:

  1. Our goal is not just to start a church. Our goal is to start a church planting movement. We believe this can best be done by focusing on the simplest and most reproducible form of church planting. The house church meets that need.
  2. We believe the house church concept is the best way to train pastors and leaders.
  3. The simplicity of small congregations makes it easy to multiply congregations.
  4. God is calling His people to break with traditionalism and professionalism and get back to simplicity.
  5. In most countries today it is the only way to get a church planting movement going. We cannot possibly do SATURATION CHURCH PLANTING if we are thinking in terms of traditional church.

Q. Isn’t the house church the same as the cell group?

A. No, the cell group concept is the wheel approach and the house church is the vine approach. A cell group is seen as a part of the outreach of another church whereas a house church is a church in itself and functions as a church.

Q. How can you develop a full church program in a house church?

A. We believe that if we focus on the things mentioned in chapter six (WHAT DO YOU DO IN A HOUSE CHURCH?), the Lord will enable us to meet the needs of all the individuals and families who attend. The Holy Spirit is able to make us creative in our approach to meeting needs. House churches will not be attractive to everyone. Some will need to attend churches with the ability to present more diverse programs. We are not in competition with other churches. We are working together with them to help fulfill the Great Commission.

Q. What about children? Will they have special classes?

A. Some house churches will have children’s meetings separate from youth and adults. Some will have all ages meeting together. It is surprising how much little children learn just being with youth and adults in the regular service.

Q. How often do house churches meet?

A. Once or twice a week is common, but that is up to the leaders of each house church. There is nothing in the Bible that says how often we should meet.

Q. Do you always meet in the same house?

A. It is not always wise to meet in the same house for the following reasons:

  1. We need to spread around the blessing of hosting a house church.
  2. By moving the meeting place from time to time we are able to reach out into different neighborhoods.
  3. We are held together by the bonds of relationship and not by the meeting place. Therefore it is safe to move about.
  4. We avoid the problem of neighbors complaining about holding religious services in their neighborhood.

Q. Will not the house church idea open it up for anyone and everyone to start his own church?