Pastor Singh, India

55 Church-Planting School Graduates in India Receive The Shepherd’s Staff!

“The graduates were so much excited to receive their Shepherd’s Staff books, and have begun teaching in their house churches. It makes a great impact in the lives of thousands of Indian for Christ and grow in knowing and witnessing Christ more and more. Thanks for your partnership in the Gospel. Yours for the Kingdom.”

Brother Anderson Albuquerque, Brazil

“God bless you for all the support you have given to leaders in the developing nations. I love The Shepherd’s Staff and all of the ACTS Magazine [Training Guides] articles/studies. Keep on doing it!”

Missionary David Roach, Philippines

“Thank you for these clear and easily understood videos [Foundations for Ministry]. I will share these with 120 new church plants we have begun by the grace of God in the Philippines. Our mission is to take the island of Mindanao for the Lord. We have seen thousands come to Christ and hundreds of leaders raised up in these last five years in Mindanao. Keep up the legacy of World MAP, we are thankful for your ministry.”

Brother Juan Cruz, Mexico

“I received a copy [of The Shepherd’s Staff] years ago and have shared this book with family members and church brothers. Due to its constant use, it has deteriorated. As you can imagine, this material is a treasure that we would like to continue using.”

Darshan Singh, India

“Very glad to tell you that the great Shepherd’s Staff is doing miracles in my life. Now I am a new evangelist [rather] than old. Reading the book, I am changing [my] biblical basis. Now I am knowing God’s way.”

Pastor Valdino Busse, Brazil

“For years I have been using the material from World MAP and it has been a great blessing in evangelism, discipleship and shepherding.”

Grace Nakeel, Kenya

“I came across the Shepherd’s Staff  book through a friend. It really touched my life through the Word of God well explained, with real-life experiences and easy to learn. I find this material easy in training others.”

Pastor Roger Mendoza, Japan

“I have been an avid reader and learned a lot from every [ACTS] magazine. I have been using it to our congregation to learn a lot since I have no credible Bible school degree. The Shepherd’s Staff and ACTS Magazine are very helpful tools on what I preach and teach to the disciples of Christ.”

Pastor Mlindeli Geqeza, South Africa

“I am not a member of ACTS, but would like to be a member. I just got this [ACTS] volume from a friend, Pastor Mvimbi, so I got much interested, and I have been hearing people speaking about The Shepherd’s Staff. I am a young man called to spread the Gospel, plant churches, and develop followers to be leaders. Currently I have two congregations – one has about 50 members and another has about 80 members. I am now planting another church at Limpopo. So after reading the [ACTS] magazine, I thought this material will be of great help to me and the ministry.”

Pastor Jacques Rabaud, Mauritius

“I wish to express my sincere thanks to you for sending to me The Shepherd’s Staff. I am very grateful, and I wish every man and woman of God and those who are in ministries would have one in their possession, as it is a very useful tool. Thank you for every time, every second, every hour that you spend to make sure that the Gospel of God is spreading through your books around the world.”