Those who know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and follow Him faithfully are rich beyond measure! They are rich in love, grace, forgiveness, freedom, peace, glory and strength. This is true prosperity, which is eternal and cannot be taken away. No earthly wealth or title can give this to us. Only through Christ are we sufficient for every moment in life!

Christ’s super-abundance of life that is poured into our lives is the source for our contentment. We must hold very loosely to earthly possessions or positions, for they cannot provide what we truly need. This critical lesson of godly contentment and avoiding covetousness is a primary lesson that must be taught to every leader-in-making!


Let us now look at the next instruction given to Moses by God through Jethro in Exodus 18:21: “and place such over them [the people] to be rulers of thousands, rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, rulers of tens.”

It was not enough just to choose leaders, to give them titles, or even to train them. The next vital step in raising up church leaders is releasing them to do the work of ministry! All leaders (and potential leaders) need to begin “exercising” their abilities. They need to be given specific tasks and assignments to fulfill.

Learning facts about a subject is helpful. But true students will never grow in their abilities until they begin to actually do what they have been trained to do!

          a. Pray for the discernment of gifts, abilities and potential

Some people may want to be leaders. But they may not have the gifting, calling or ability to lead others. It would be better for those people to serve in a supporting role, with someone else who oversees and directs them in their service.

There are many different types of leaders. The Bible reveals that there is a wide variety of gifts, abilities, callings and ministries for leaders (Rom 12:3-8; 1Cor 12:12-31; Eph 4:11).

No one gift or calling is more important than any other. The Bible likens the Church – all believers in Jesus Christ – to a “Body” (1Cor 12:12-31). Each individual body part is important to the health and function of the whole body. If one body part is weak or damaged, the whole body suffers. If another body part doesn’t fulfill its function, the rest of the body is hindered.

We need one another. We need the gifts and callings of every believer to be activated, in order for the body to function properly.

That is why it is so important for church leaders to help people identify their gifts and callings, and to train them to do their part in the Body of Christ! As a church leader, pray for God to help you discern the abilities and gifts of those whom you serve.

Also pray and ask God to assemble and raise up a variety of gifts, callings and ministries within your church. Begin to pray with and for those believers whom God gives you to disciple and train. Pray for their gifts to be revealed to them by the Holy Spirit. Then train them and encourage them to use their gifts. Make room for them to do their part in the proper functioning of the body.