When a husband and wife are each day devoting themselves to God, their marriage, and their children, and when a husband is providing for his family – what is next? After these priorities are being met, the husband and wife can then minister to the Body of Christ.

Often times, leaders in the church get this confused. They think they must minister to everyone else in the church first. Then, if they have any time or energy left, they might spend a little time with their spouse or children. This is NOT God’s order for the married Christian!

Ministry is very important, yes. Christians are to be light and salt to the world (Matt 5:13-16), participate in church (Heb 10:25), and share the Gospel with others (Acts 1:8; 1 Pet 3:15). But ministry is not to replace the family priorities God has made clear in the Bible for both a husband and wife.

Ministry to others must be balanced with the very important marriage and family responsibilities already given by God in His Word. As stated previously, the orderly home life and right relationships of the ministering person must come before leadership and ministry (1 Tim 3:1-7).


God does not change (Mal 3:6; Heb 13:8). He has already made clear in the Bible His plan for a husband and wife. God will never call someone to do something that does not agree with what He has already said in the Bible! If a man or woman thinks God has told them to do something, and it does not agree with the Bible, it is NOT from God. God’s Word is complete and final, and is not to be changed or added to (Ps 119:89; Isa 40:8; Rev 22:18, 19).

Today, Christian men and women are often tempted to abandon their God-given roles in order to pursue things they perceive as more ”exciting” or “important”. Many people in the world around them are abandoning their spouse for someone else, or replacing their role as parents with their work outside the home. Even ministers can become too busy serving the church to take proper care of their families.

Christians must not become deceived by or follow the unbiblical standards that they see in others. If they do, their marriages and families will suffer.

God has made very clear in His Word what His priorities are for a Christian husband and wife. If a husband and wife truly desire all that God has for them, they will follow what He has already instructed them to do in His Word. When they are faithful and obedient in the responsibilities God has already given, then God will release more privilege and responsibility to them (Matt 25:21; 1 Tim 3:8-13).

God honors faithfulness and a heart that is yielded to Him. He looks for those who are obedient and completely devoted to Him­ and then chooses to do great things through them (2 Chr 16:9).


There are many passages in the Bible that give practical instruction for living as a godly, loving wife and a fruitful Christian. Take time to read and study the passages below: