Take a few minutes to read Chapter 8 of the Book of Acts. Notice how Philip is a man of God and of good character. He is the only man in the Bible to specifically be called “the evangelist” (Acts 21:8).


We first read about Philip in Acts Chapter 6. He was one of seven men chosen by the Jerusalem church to help meet practical needs. Philip began to serve God by helping feed poor widows. He served because the church and its leaders asked him to do this work. Philip did not think himself above working in this way. He was willing to humbly serve and to learn.

If you want God to bless you, begin where He has placed you. The Bible states that Philip was one of a group of seven men who got a reputation for their faith, their wisdom, and their spiritual power in the Holy Spirit (Acts 6:1-6). This was said about Philip as his qualification to work to serve meals to widows!

Philip worked hard at his job, meeting practical and spiritual needs. Seek to work diligently in the church or ministry into which God has placed you. Be alert to people’s needs around you. Serve the men or women that God has placed over you, just as Philip served the apostles, the leaders of the church in Jerusalem. Strive to excel in your service and to be a diligent worker; as you do, God will increase you and move you into greater areas of responsibility (Matt 25:21; Luke 16:10).


The Book of Acts states that Philip went north to Samaria. Why did Philip go to a strange city? The Bible tells us that he went because of a great persecution that had begun in Jerusalem. Philip likely would have spent time praying and listening to God, and asking God where he should go to preach. Philip also likely prayed for the sick because the Bible tells us that many were healed.


Philip was moved by God to preach to the Samaritans. They were very different than the Jewish people Philip knew. Philip went to a foreign people, those who hated his own people, to tell them about Jesus. Philip had a godly concern for the lost Samaritans. They needed Christ, too. He went because Jesus sent him. He went to tell others about Jesus Christ. He went because he knew God’s concern for these lost people. What mattered to God mattered to Philip. Philip developed a heart like Christ’s own heart, very likely by praying and listening to God in prayer. But Philip didn’t just pray, he acted. He went to preach.


The Gospel itself is a clear, simple message. God created us and loves us. We are separated from God because of sin. Jesus, the Son of God, came to earth in the form of a man; He died on the Cross to forgive our sins and restore us back to God. Then Christ was buried and rose up from death and the grave. Sin and Satan’s power were destroyed. Jesus Christ lives today and is all-powerful. Jesus wants you to believe in Him and give your life to Him. Judgment awaits those who reject God’s Son; eternal blessing is for those who follow Him.