a. Will never contradict the written Word of God. Therefore every prophetic utterance should be “tested” by the Word of God. God would never tell you by prophecy to do anything which His Word forbids.
        b. It will always exalt Jesus Christ, and never denigrate Him.
        c. It will edify, exhort and comfort the believers. It should never leave them confused, distressed, uncertain.
        d. It should “witness” with the majority of believers present -especially the more mature ones who are themselves frequently used in operation of vocal gifts.
        e. It will not break the spirit of the meeting, though it may change the course of it.
        f. If there is a predictive aspect, it will come to pass.
        g. The “fruit test” (Matt 7:16). Jesus declared, “You shall know them by their fruit”. We should reject any so-called prophecy coming from one whose life and practice are a reproach to the cause of Christ.


  1. A WORD OF KNOWLEDGE (l Cor 12:8)

A Word of Knowledge is a fragment or small item of God’s knowledge, given to a person by the Holy Spirit.

This information was previously unknown to the person, and the knowledge could not be gained by any natural means. It is supernaturally imparted.

Scriptural Examples

A. In the Ministry of Jesus: John 1:47-50; 4:16-19, 39-42.

B. In the Early Church: Acts 9:10-20.

C. Example from the Old Testament: 2 Sam 12:1-14.

A Word of Knowledge cannot be gained by intellectual learning. It also cannot be gained by studying books or pursuing an academic course of study in a college or university. Nor is it the ability to study or understand or interpret the Bible.

The Word Of Knowledge Used In Scripture

A. To uncover sin (2 Sam 12:1- 10; Acts 5:1-11).

B. To bring people to God (John 1:47-50; 4:16-19, 39-42).

C. To give guidance and direction (Acts 9:11).

D. To minister encouragement in periods of despondency (l Kings 19:9-18).

E. To impart knowledge of future events (John 11:11-14).

F. To reveal hid den things (1 Sam 10:22).

The Operation Of This Gift:

A. It is supernatural in character- not obtained by logic, deduction, reasoning, or the natural senses.

B. It operates by faith – the person receiving the revelation does so by faith.

C. The revelation is received in one’s spirit -not in the intellect or the emotions.

D. It is not a vocal gift (Acts 9:10, 11). It is received quietly and inaudibly within the person’s spirit.

E. It may become vocal when shared with others (John 4:18).

F. Any Spirit-filled Christian who is willing to listen to God may experience the function of this gift.

G. It is a valuable asset in the ministry of counseling.

H. Obedient action and response is essential to the continuing function of this manifestation in one’s ministry.

  1. A WORD OF WISDOM (1 Cor 12:8)

This gift is of great importance. It enables us to speak and act with divine wisdom, and thus ensures the correct use and application of other gifts.