The Word of Wisdom is a fragment of divine wisdom supernaturally imparted by the Holy Spirit. It supplies one with the immediate wisdom to know what to say or do in a given situation.

God frequently gives this gift together with the Word of Knowledge, so that believers can know how to apply that Word of Knowledge correctly.

God revealed to Ananias the whereabouts and condition of Saul (Acts 9)   through a Word of Knowledge. He also showed him, by the Word of Wisdom, what he should do in this difficult situation. It is a word (logos) of wisdom, and not the gift of wisdom mentioned in James 1:5.

The Word Of Wisdom is NOT:

  • natural wisdom.
  • wisdom gained from academic achievement.
  • wisdom gained from experience.
  • the wisdom to understand the Bible.

The Word of Wisdom IS:

  • supernatural in character.
  • given as the Holy Spirit wills (l Cor 12:11).
  • given for a specific need or situation.

Some Biblical Examples:

Luke 4:1-13; Luke 20:22-26; John 8:3-11; Acts 6:1-5; Acts 15:28; Acts 27:23-24.

The Word of Wisdom is promised to all Christ’s disciples in a time of need (Luke 21:14,15).


Discerning of Spirits is the third of the revelation gifts; the Word of Wisdom and the Word of Knowledge are the other two.

It is a divine gift imparted by the Holy Spirit so we can penetrate the spiritual realm to distinguish between the spirit of Satan (evil spirits), the Spirit of God, and the human spirit.

A. The Function Of The Gift

The gift of Discerning of Spirits gives one a supernatural under­standing of the nature and activity of spirits.

Sometimes it is easy to confuse the works of the spirit of Satan with those of the Spirit of God. Satan always tries to counterfeit the works of the Holy Spirit (2 Cor 11:14).

Satan is known as the deceiver, the father of lies, and the serpent. All these titles signify the subtle, crafty deceptiveness that he uses to bring about evil whenever he can.

In the account of the girl with the spirit of divination in Acts 16, Paul challenged the spirit that might easily have deceived other servants of God. The girl gave a perfectly true statement when she said, “These men are servants of the most high God who show to you the way of salvation,” but the spirit speaking was an evil spirit.

B. The Operation And Need For The Gift Today

The gift of Discerning of Spirits is absolutely essential if the Church is going to accomplish her full mission and destroy the works of the devil.

There are as many demons in the world today as there were when Jesus walked the earth and in the days of the early Church. Their purpose is as avowedly evil. This supernatural gift is especially necessary for missionaries and workers in heathen lands where Spiritism, Satanism and occultism abound.

C. How The Gift Of Discerning Of Spirits Operates

The first and most obvious function of this gift is to reveal the presence of evil spirits in the life of people or churches.