However, it also functions to evaluate the source of a prophetic message, a particular teaching, or some supernatural manifestation. The person functioning with this gift will be able to tell whether the source of the message or act is demonic, divine, or merely human.

D. Discerning Of Spirits Must Work With Other Gifts

Although the gift of Discerning of Spirits is essential for effective deliverance, it is not sufficient by itself. It must work in concert with the gifts of Faith and Working of Miracles. Those who function with those gifts usually have the greatest success in casting out demons.


  1. THE GIFT OF FAITH (l Cor 12:9)

Since faith deals with the future and the unseen -things not physically experienced –the Gift of Faith is the special endowment given lo someone called upon to exercise an extraordinary capacity of trust.

God supernaturally empties him of any doubt, and fills him with special faith. This enables him to accomplish God’s purpose despite every contrary and contradictory circumstance of life.

General faith grows from the original seed of saving faith, which God has planted in our hearts (see Romans 1:17). The degree of general faith varies with stage of development of the believer (“little faith,” “great faith,”etc.).

General faith grows as a result of feeding on the Word, being exercised through the circumstances of life ,and the like.

However, the Gift of Faith has superior function to even the highest degree of general faith.

Some translators refer to the Gift of Faith as “special faith”. This indicates a faith bestowed by the Holy Spirit to meet our need in special and extenuating circumstances.

This suggests further that the Gift of Faith is not permanently resident in any believer, but rather that each manifestation is a separate Gift of Faith.

An episode in Elijah’s life illustrates this, when he declares to King Ahab that there will be no rain until he speaks the word and then it will rain again at his word (l Kings 17:1). His Gift of Faith produced the miraculous fulfillment of that prophecy.

In contrast, this extraordinary faith was lacking when Elijah sat under: the juniper tree, fearful, discouraged and wanting to die, because it was not needed a t that time (1 Kings 19:4). He had not lost his faith in God or His Word.

God wants you to know that you can go forth confidently, knowing that when special demands are made upon you, He will supernaturally give you special faith to enable you to fulfill His purposes.

How Does The Gift Of Faith Work?

Daniel’s protect ion from the lions (a passive instance of the Gift of Faith) seems to contrast with Samson’s slaying the lion, which is an example of man’s active involvement in the manifestation of the power of God (this would be an example of the Working of Miracles).

This impression that the Gift of Faith functions passively is because it often works in cooperation with more dramatic gifts (e.g. the Working of Miracles, the Gifts of Healings, etc.).