Those who have this gift will lead by working with and through others. They will often get the job done by organizing and delegating responsibilities and authority to others.

A leader will define the tasks and provide leadership support and guidance -while releasing others to partner in accomplishing the goal.

A Scriptural Example Of The Gift  Of Leader

Nehemiah serves as an example of superb leadership skills and heart motivation:

  1. Leaders have a special feel for the cause of God’s people (Neh 1:1-4).
  2. Leaders have the ability to survey and define what needs to be done (Neh 2:12-17).
  3. Leaders have the ability to break down major goals into smaller achievable tasks (Neh 3:1-32).
  4. Leaders can take pressure and opposition and still proceed (Neh 4:1-23).
  5. Leaders make things “easy” for others and are not a personal burden  (Neh 5:14-19).
  6. Leaders know how to delegate the authority needed to accomplish the responsibility given (Neh 7:1-2).


v.8- Mercy Shower Compassion

This gift is similar in some ways to the Motivational Gift of Giver. However, the word “mercy” denotes a more direct, personal ministry to those in need.

Believers so gifted will have an ability to identify with the needs and afflictions of those they come in contact with. This gift will include a practical, compassionate love. They can make very goo counselors if they will also use wisdom and discipline.

Uplifting Others

The Scripture exhorts those who have this Gift of Mercy to show it with “cheerfulness . There is an important idea being put  forth here.

Often the work of mercy can be difficult, even disagreeable, because the mercy-showers will minister to people in their worst condition. This can, over time, make the mercy-shower become grudging or even resentful in helping others.

This negative  attitude defeats the very purpose of mercy. A cheerful mercy uplifts those that are sick, wounded of soul or discouraged. A grudging, reluctant mercy would make the afflicted person feel despised .

The best way to stay cheerful is to constantly be going to Him Whose mercies are new every morning” (Lam 3:22-23) and be filled daily with His Spirit. Mercy-filled believers function best when they build themselves up through the Word and prayer on a daily basis.

A Scriptural Example Of The Gift Of Mercy

There could be no better example of mercy shown in Scripture (except for God Himself) than the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:29-37:

  1. Mercy-showers have great compassion for  the  hurting (v. 33).
  2. He went to him” (v.34). Mercy-showers seem drawn to the broken
  3. Mercy-showers participate in a practical way: they are ready to do what needs to be done and “get their hands dirty” if necessary – as when the Samaritan bandaged the victim’s wounds and “took care of him” (v.34).
  4. Mercy-showers are sensitive to people’ s practical needs: The Samaritan paid the victim’s bill (v.35).

Showing mercy can lead to considerable  personal inconve­nience – yet great fulfillment.


A Quick Comparison of The Motivational Gifts

Having studied the unique characteristics of each of these motivational gifts, let us look at how these gifts might function in a hypothetical situation.