If we think we possess gifts that we have not been given (or strive to get them!), we have an inflated notion of ourselves. We sin by thinking too highly (or just plain wrongly) about ourselves and what God has given to us.

But if we underestimate what God has placed in our lives, we are enslaved to a false humility that seems to be very spiritual but is not spiritual at all (Col 2:23). We will doubt or deny the gifts God has given us, and never rise up and fully use those gifts. Thus, all that God could accomplish through our lives will go unful­filled, and the Body of Christ will never receive all that we could give.

    E. Stay Within Your Gift

There is another important lesson to learn about sober thinking: When you have been given a certain Motivational Gift, be content to use that gift instead of longing for other gifts. It is a wise person who stays within the sphere of service that God has equipped him for, and avoids doing something for which he is not equipped.

The quickest way to become frustrated and hopeless in ministry is to try and function in an area of service where you are not equipped to function!

    F. Uniqueness of the Motivational Gifts

It is important to remember the uniqueness of the Motivational Gifts. They are not like the Manifestation Gifts of I Corinthians 12, where any believer can function in any of those gifts as the Holy Spirit leads. Nor are these gifts like the Ministry Gifts of Ephesians 4:11.

The Motivational Gifts (which will be discussed in detail further in this article) involve who God has made us to be. These gifts will influence how we perceive life, and how we respond to other people’s needs in a given ministry situation.

Each of us, with our unique motivational gifts, will respond to a situation somewhat differently than others who have other gifts. The important thing is that each gift is just as important as the other gifts. And ALL the gifts are equally important for effective and complete ministry.

     G.Our Value

The kinds of gifts we have do not determine our value to the Body of Christ, nor to God. For we all belong to one Body, and need each other’s different gifts to function correctly.

We all belong to God because we have all been created in His image and purchased by the blood of His Son. These facts establish forever our personal worth and value.

Our worth is not based upon the kind of gifts we have, or the size of our ministry. Each person is valuable to God and to His Kingdom just as He has created him or her. Let us discard all pride­ful posturing and striving. Instead, let us with praise-filled hearts embrace all the Father has chosen to give to each one of us!

2. We Are One Body  (Rom 12:4,5)

Paul’s comments here are shorter than in 1 Corinthians 12, but the meaning is the same.