In verse 3 Paul writes, “God has allotted to each a [different} measure of faith”. Here in verses 4,5 the Holy Spirit  uses  the  illustration of the human body to recombine these different measures of faith. As each human body has many different members, each with its own particular function, so does the one Body of Christ.

Two important principles emerge from verses 4 and 5:

A. “We are ONE Body in Christ.”

We each belong to Christ’s Body. We do not belong to just ourselves. Therefore to despise, criticize, or be judgmental of another part of the Body denies and hinders the different functions God intended for His Church. He made each of us unique and different! There are no lesser gifts or persons! Because we are all members of His Body, we should treat each other with the kind of care and respect that would please the Lord.

B. “We are Members of One Another.”

Believers are members not only of One Body, but also of each other. This means we are mutually inter-dependent. The Body can function properly only when each member does its part. Therefore, it is very important for each member/ gift/ function to be recognized. Each one should be taught and encouraged to minister in the Body. The differences within the Body enrich all other members, as each member accepts the full expression of each gift God has given to the Body of Christ.

With these principles in mind, let us now examine in detail the seven Motivational Gifts listed in Romans 12:6-8. As we look at each gift, we will discuss:

  1. characteristics of each gift, and
  2. scriptural examples  of  each gift


v.6 – Perceiver-  Ongoing Insight

A person with the Motivational Gift of Prophecy could also be called a “perceptive” person. That is someone who sees and understands the deeper meaning of a situation. We are not talking about revelation, that is, seeing something never seen before.  We are talking about having the light  of the Word of God and the Spirit of God giving holy illumination to the mind of the person in order to reveal the truth of a situation. This Motivational Gift is characterized by the ability to:

  1. see or perceive beyond surface appearances;
  2. receive and declare truth about a situation;
  3. receive and declare insight about people or programs.

This creative gift from our Heavenly Father gives a believer the ability to see situations and  people  with ongoing prophetic insight . This gift (like the rest of the gifts listed in Romans 12) functions independent of any public ministry or position. In other words, someone with the Motivational Gift of Prophecy is NOT t he same as someone with the Ministry Gift of Prophet.

For The Church’s  Benefit

As with any gift, the Motivational Gift of Prophecy can be used in a helpful and beneficial way -or it can be twisted and used to hurt. It is given by God and intended to be used for His glory and the Church’s benefit.

This gift can motivate  a person to want to:

  1. repair broken relationships in the Body of Christ;
  2. improve or build up a person’s walk with God.

Persons with this gift will desire to “cut to the heart of a matter” – whether it is a problem between people, or a spiritual challenge in the church. They will often desire to speak out the truth they perceive, whether it is to an individual or a whole congregation.