It is very important to remember, however, that having the Motivational Gift of Prophecy does not necessarily make you a prophet.

Sometimes a person motivated by this gift may also be a teacher with unusual insight in a local assembly. Or that person may be a good counselor. Yet it is possible, even likely, that a person with the Motivational Gift of Prophecy will often be used prophetically (l Cor 12:10) by the Spirit of God . He may even have the Ministry Gift of Prophet (Eph. 4:11).

Persons with this Motivational Gift tend to be very “clear-cut” in their approach. To them, something is either true and right -or it is false and wrong; there is no “middle ground”, and there are no exceptions. Persons with this Motivational Gift need to seek the balance of learning to be merciful and gentle as they seek to exhort, correct, instruct and warn others.

Proper Use Of This Gift

Verse 6 uses the phrase “in proportion to their faith.” This sounds like the “measure of faith ” spoken of in verse 3, yet it is different. “Measure of faith” has to do with having sober judgment (v. 3) regarding the place or sphere of influence that our Motivational Gifts give to each of us

“In proportion to our faith” refers to the proper usage of the prophetic gifting.

The Greek word for proportion is analogi, used to describe mathematical limits. In relation to this gift, analogi means two things:

  1. The person who is prophetically gifted in speaking God’s word must not go beyond that which God has given him to speak.
  2. This same person must not withhold, or give less than,the full truth as God shows it to him. 

The proper use of every gift of God requires us to be responsible, and to use it correctly. Those who have the Motivational Gift of Prophecy must use their words very carefully. They should not say more or less  than God has given them to say.

It should be said as well that EVERYTHING SPOKEN FROM A PROPHETIC BASIS MUST BE JUDGED AND COMPARED TO GOD’S WRITTEN WORD, THE BIBLE. A prophetic word should never disagree with what is already in the Bible.

Both the person who hears the prophetic word and the person who speaks with prophetic insight should do this comparison.

It is very important for a person with this gift to make very certain that what he is perceiving is from God’s Spirit -not from his own spirit, or a demonic influence!

It is not always easy to distinguish between God’s Spirit speaking and our own spirit or even an evil spirit speaking to us. A person who is young in the Lord might become confused and make mistakes. One must humbly admit to those mistakes, and carefully submit to God in prayer and the study of His Word (2 Pet 3:15-18).

Points Of Caution

This Motivational Gift most often focuses on things that are wrong. Therefore, if you have this gift, you must be careful to not dwell on the negative. You should also be careful to judge the sin, NOT the person caught in the sin.