If you desire to be conformed into His image -He Who gave His life for us -your life and ministry should be characterized by a Christ­-like, servant’s heart (Matt 20:20-28).


Serving is one of the Motivational Gifts that God the Father gives to us at our creation, our birth. Serving focuses on the giving of practical assistance and help. Those who have the gift of Ministry (service) will often have the ability to identify an unmet need in the Body.

They will desire to move in and do what needs to be done to meet that need. They will demonstrate God’s love by meeting practical needs and giving “hands-on” service and assistance . You will often find these people helping the poor and infirm.

Those with the Gift of Ministry will often be gifted with their hands and have physical stamina. The Gift of Ministry is task-oriented.

The Honor Of Serving

This Motivational Gift of Serving is often underestimated and  regarded as “unspiritual”. Because it is often focused on material and physical benefits, many look down upon those who minister in this way as less important. Thus, the gift of serving is of ten neglected and not honored in the Body of Christ.

But remember,  it was Jesus Himself – the ultimate Servant – Who was humble enough to serve others by washing their feet (John 13:3-17).

Also, the qualifications for dea­con in 1 Timothy 3:8-13 require these “servers” to be people of Christ-like and worthy character. And when the apostles first insti­tuted the office of deacon, they specifically sought out people of “good reputation, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom” (Acts 6:1-7).

These verses prove that being a servant is NOT a lowly thing in God’s Kingdom! Maybe the world of fleshly, unspiritual men sees a ser­vant as “lowly”, but a servant is most certainly NOT lowly in God’s eyes (see Matthew 25:34-40).

From a wrong, fleshly human perspective, this gift can be viewed as not very important. If this wrong perspective is believed, the person with the Motivational Gift of Service might view himself as unimportant and so deny the good gift God has given him for the Church. If service is not considered important, then the person will want to grab for other gifts that appear to be more “glorious” and more “important”

This wrong thinking and neglect of the gift of service leaves an empty place in what should be a well­- rounded and balanced ministry in and to the Body. It will also leave the person with this gift both empty and frustrated, trying vainly to find a release of ministry outside what God has gifted him for.

If we leave ailing members of the Body uncared for because of a lack of this servant gift, our testimony in our local communities is damaged. It can even invalidate the Gospel message in the minds of unbelievers when they see us not serving and caring for our own members.

A Good Standing

The ministry of the Server is both valuable and truly spiritual, and an  important  part  of  the Church’s witness. The Server should devote himself to this ministry with joy and confidence, for “those who have served well as dea­cons obtain for themselves a good standing and great boldness in the faith  which is in Christ Jesus” (1 Tim 3:13).

A Scriptural Example Of Ministry (Serving) Gifting

Martha is an example of someone with the Motivational Gift of Ministry (service). Luke 10:38-42 and John 12:2 show both the positive and potential negative outcomes of this gift:

  1. Servers find fulfillment through deeds rather than
  2. “Martha served.” Servers have a tendency to prefer to do things
  3. Servers are generally neither organizers nor They are better at following directions.
  4. “Martha was distracted with much ” Servers often get too involved and troubled about things. Also they find it hard to say “no” to new tasks (Luke 10:40-41).
  5. Servers may get so busy serving that they could potentially neglect their spiritual life (Luke 10:42).
  6. But.. Servers are important, and are required for any church to function!!!


v.7 – Teacher- Imparters Of Truth