I don’t mean particularly in physical appearance. Isaiah said: “…when we see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him” (Isa 53:2).

The attractiveness of Christ was not primarily in His physical appearance. It was His character and personality which were so appealing.

The average people of His day responded to Him with great enthusiasm. The Bible says: “…the common people heard him gladly” (Mark 12:37).

They flocked to Him. They were drawn like steel filings to a magnet. There was a sweet graciousness about Him which gave Him an enormous appeal. It was partly this personal magnetism which drew huge crowds wherever He went. The Holy Spirit can develop a similar attractiveness in you!

  1. Spontaneity

Don’t act unnaturally. Be free and unimpeded, doing things naturally. Spontaneity means that things happen easily without being forced or coerced. Don’t develop a religious style which is heavy and unnatural. Let your style of communication flow freely and naturally. Don’t let yourself be bound and restricted.

  1. Adaptability

A good preacher must learn to be flexible and to adapt to many different circumstances.

Every gathering you preach in will be different in some way from others. You need to be able to discern in each situation what the Holy Spirit is desiring to accomplish.

God has a specific objective to achieve in every gathering of believers. The preacher is a very important key to the accomplishment of that purpose.

Try not to be too rigid or orthodox in your mental approach to a preaching occasion. Endeavor to keep your mind flexible and open. Learn how to wait on God continually in your spirit. Keep your spirit open to His still small voice within you.

This can make all the difference between a very ordinary church service and a dynamic encounter with God through His Word.

The Holy Spirit can create many different kinds of moods in meetings. Sometimes they will be joyful and lively; at other times they will be quiet and reverent. The skill to recognize this, and take advantage of the unique situation created by the Spirit, can enable you to reap the results desired by God.

The key to success in Christian service is to “discern the way in which God is moving, and move with Him.”

  1. Dynamic

There is a mysterious dynamic in preaching which is quite unique to this particular function – a dynamic expression of authority which can be quite awesome to witness

Peter illustrates this awesome dynamic on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2). Up until this time, he had shown himself to be fearful and afraid.  His cowardly denial of Christ had proven this. His refusal to acknowledge Christ even before a mere serving-maid reveals his timidity and insecurity.

But he was transformed on the Day of Pentecost. We see a very different Peter as he stood to preach that morning. There is something glorious to behold about this man as he fearlessly proclaims the Word of God to a vast crowd.

There is a majesty which thrills the soul as we witness such a preacher in action . Who can explain just what constitutes this phenomenon?