What is the point of antagonizing your audience by your manner of dress? Your aim is to win and influence your listeners, not to antagonize them.

Your clothing should not draw undue attention to you. If possible, you should be neatly, suitably and modestly attired.

Certainly, your dress should not be offensive to the culture of your audience.

  1. Learn To Stand Properly

On most occasions it is proper to stand when addressing an audience. You should stand firmly on both feet, giving yourself a good solid stance.

Stand upright, facing your audience. Avoid leaning on anything. If there is a pulpit or rostrum, by all means use this to place your Bible and notes on, but don’t use it to lean on. Standing upright will help your breathing. It will also engender a feeling of quiet confidence as you face your audience.

  1. Learn To Move Naturally

Your body conveys a message as well as your voice. It is important how you conduct yourself while speaking.

The key to proper movement is to let it be natural. Avoid unnecessary physical gesticulations. If you are verbally describing something, it is natural to also convey the idea with your hands.

Let such descriptions come naturally and spontaneously. You can emphasize a point very forcibly with your hands. All hand movements should be appropriate to what you are emphasizing.

  1. Establish And Maintain Eye Contact With Your Audience

Your eyes convey a message too! Don’t stare into space or above the heads of the listeners. Look directly at the people you are addressing.

Let your glance rove around the congregation, so that everyone f eels that you are speaking to THEM. By this means, you will establish a good contact and rapport with the people.

12. Remember That Facial Expressions Are Important, Too!

The look on your face conveys a message very eloquently. Avoid any extreme facial expressions unless you are emphasizing some particular point. Above all, let your facial expressions be natural, and let them be appropriate to your theme and topic. Be happy and confident, unless your subject is a sad or serious one.

These suggestions are made with respect to the natural art of public speaking.

Obviously, the factor of greatest importance in preaching is the presence and anointing of God upon your life. However, God can bless and anoint a person who is well-prepared and has some understanding of the principles of communication.

Never despise such skills. But, on the other hand, do not depend on them either.

Ultimately, only God can accomplish what you are seeking to attain through your preaching.

Let your confidence be placed firmly in Him. Understand that the only really worthwhile development in your preaching abilities is that which God accomplishes.