As with the other gifts, there is a partnering and mutual dependence between these two ministry gifts. The teacher should work with the pastor or local elder to assist in the process of discipling believers. The pastor should encourage those with a teaching ministry to teach the Word of God.

There might be a tendency to think that only the prophet speaks supernaturally, while the teacher speaks only from natural scholarship and study.

But the difference is not between supernatural and natural, but rather how the Holy Spirit operates through these two ministry gifts. The prophet is moved by the Spirit in a more inspirational or impromptu way. The   anointed teacher functions in a more measured way to clearly illuminate the truths of God’s Word for easy understanding and instruction.

F. The Ministry Of The Teacher

The Scriptures reveal some important and specific points about the ministry of teaching:

  1. A teacher should never stop learning (Rom 2:21). A teacher’s life is one of continued study and preparation. There are daily lessons to be learned in the school of God’s Holy Spirit (1 Cor 2:13).
  1. A teacher must know the Word of God (Mark 12:24). God’s Word is the basis for his ministry. He cannot teach what he does not know – or has not applied in his life.

a. He must be able to answer difficult questions (Matt 22:16-46).
b. He must be able to apply Bible truth to life situations (Mark 9:14-29).
c. He must be able to firmly fix and ground new believers in the Word (Heb 5:12).

  1. A teacher must be able to teach by example (John 13:13, 14). If a teacher does not live by what he teaches, he will have no more effect than did the Pharisees (Matt 23:1-3). Jesus always practiced what He preached – He did what He taught others to do {Acts 1:1). Our greatest messages come out of what we are -not what we say!
  1. A teacher must teach clearly and accurately (2Tim 2:15). A teacher must clearly convey the true meaning and purpose of God’s Word. This gift carries with it the responsibility to teach others accurately.
  1. A teacher seeks to bring others to his level of understanding (Matt 10:24, 25). Paul taught the full counsel of God as he knew it to those in his charge. He held nothing back that was for their good (Acts 20:20, 27)
  1. A teacher’s greatest reward is to see lives changed by God’s Word (Deut 4:5,14;31:12,13). God’s Word works mighty miracles when it is taught, received and obeyed.
  1. A teacher should be supported by those to whom he ministers (Gal 6:6). A teacher must be able to work fulltime at his ministry. It takes time to pray, study, prepare and teach God’s Word. Teaching is hard work. And a workman is worthy of his wages. If a teacher is not properly supported by God’s people, the whole church will greatly suffer.

G. Warning Against False Teachers

A good teacher can have a lot of power over people. He is reaching both their hearts and minds with his words. A teacher imparts not only facts and information, but also his attitudes and values. He has the ability to shape and control his students for great good -or great evil.